NEEDLES//PINS - First World Problems [2010]

Another record i've been listening to a lot for the last couple of weeks now is the FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS EP from Vancouver's NEEDLES//PINS. I don't know much about the band other than that they're a three piece and they can write some of the catchiest pop songs i heard in a while. So, yes, this is another perfect record to listen to this summer :D. Laid back, upbeat and fresh garage pop you can sing your hearts out to. This was released on CS on NO REVOLUTION RECORDS. Contact them for you copy!





  1. Undeniably catchy, but "First World Problems" is the lamest album title (by a non-shitty band) I've heard all year! That's the type of album title boring anarcho-hardcore bands are supposed to have!
    Is it just something about British Columbia? Tie-dye is fine to wear while you're surfing or tending to your marijuana farm, but on the album cover? Dude!

    On their myspace page under Influences its says "BEER / SMOKES / PIZZA" which is awesome, but they need a lesson from the Mean Jeans on how to put FUN over any boring political crap.

    Maybe that song is tongue-in-cheek? And I'm just not understanding Canadian humor?

    Whatev. Catchy tunes, tho.

  2. oops, the website said it encountered an error the first time, and to try my post again.
    Now I feel foolish.

  3. It's tongue-in-cheek. Not political one bit. You don't understand Canadian humor. Thanks for digging the songs though.