Crusaders of Love - Never Grow Up [2010]

Another power pop gem from DOUCHEMASTER RECORDS. Crusaders of Love are the real deal. Hailing from Lille, France and with members from another great band, HAPPY BURGER, on this, their debut LP, they bring us the perfect summer record. If you're into power pop just the slightest than this is a must have.

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  1. Great band! Good people too! I setup a show with them in my city!

  2. Congratulations, France, that is some tasty power-pop!

    Last summer was all about Gentleman Jessie and King Tuff. This summer could be Crusaders of Love. It must be sad for Australians, that THEIR "summer-power-pop" albums always come out in winter in the Civilized Hemisphere (aka the Northern Hemisphere).

    It looks like I missed these guys on their American tour because I don't pay attention to French music. Maybe this will teach me a lesson.

  3. really love this record, ordering the LP this week. i'm not too knowledgeable on this genre but any other similar suggestions?

  4. You should try with Exploding Hearts. Guitar Romantic LP is the best.

  5. If you like this record, you'll love Exploding Hearts (either one of their two albums). You'll also love Gentleman Jessie. I think his album is called "Gentleman Jessie & His Men."

    For Power Pop in general, I'd recommend The Yum-Yums (from Norway) and The Real Kids (from Boston, USA).