Southside Stranglers - Strangle You 7'' [2010]

Second single from the best new band from the States. Kenny and Brandon from Government Warning are on vocals and guitar but Southside Stranglers are more into garage punk than GW. Even if the 80's american hardcore influences are present (Bad Brains, RKL, Dicks) SS really drawn influences from bands such as Pagans, Crime or Stooges. A-Side (Strangle You) really reminds me of some later Annihilation Time stuff while the B-Side (Daddy's Little Nightmare) is more faster and frantic. Sounds like Bad Brains would if they tried to cover Stooges as fast they could do it in the 80's. This is with no doubt the best hardcore punk band i've heard in last few years and I can't wait to hear songs from their first (rumored) LP. Get the demo tape here if you haven't heard it yet cause it's also a total ripper. SS demo tape was later reissued on Grave Mistake as Too Much TV 7".

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Buy "Too Much TV" 7" from Grave Mistake.