Tarantüla - Demo CS (2016)

Abrassive yet still catchy while at the same time dark, this Midwest hardcore band combines the sounds of both Discharge and the Ramones, with some Jerry Kids' vibe.

Ex-members of Chicago's most infamous band Cülo, so you know this one's gonna be a proper rager!




Ill Wind - S/T CS (2016)

Second release on my new label Cosmic Brood Records.

To cut it to the chase I'll just copy paste press info i wrote for this one. Hope you like it!

Ill Wind's debut tape release brings seven tracks full of melancholic bliss, dreamy melodies and punk rock infused with infinite sadness. This relatively new band comes from Zagreb, Croatia and its members have played in a bunch of bands during the past ten years; Vaseline Children, Junk Messiah, The Pathetics, Benchwarmers and more.

So, this is proper moody punk and a great soundtrack for sad people. If you like like Leatherface, Mega City 4, HDQ or Husker Du, Ill Wind might be right up your alley!

Followers of this blog might be also interested in another newer release on Cosmic Brood and that is Neon Lies debut tape. Neon Lies is a sick new solo project of Goran Lautar, the guitarist and the man responsible for the vocals, lyrics, recordings and hocus pocus behind the dystopian brooding garage rock group Modern Delusion. See more posts about Modern Delusion here. Listen to NL here.

You can buy both Cosmic Brood releases from the Doomtown store here.




Silent Era - S/T 7" (2016)

Yet another recent release on Doomtown Records!

"Upbeat, fast and moody political punk from the Bay Area with members of Deskonocidos, Neon Piss, The New Flesh, Criaturas and more. Here at Doomtown Records headquarters, Silent Era's music heavily reminds us of the late eighties sound we really dig and that is melodic side of UK hardcore and greats such as HDQ, Sofa Head and Instigators, as well as bands like Poland's Post Regiment."

Their approach for writing songs is definitely too fast to be called post-punk, but the chorus laden guitars and dark, melodic vocals could appeal to fans of that particular genre, whilst it's also too melodic to be filed under straight up hardcore punk.

Also, make sure to read my previous write-up on Silent Era's killer demo from 2015!
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Buy the 7" here.




Faux Départ - Démo CS (2016)

Killer garage punk riffage mixed with pop sensibility that equally brings to mind both popish side of early british punk rock, moody vibe of Wipers and some classic french sound unlike Camera Silens.

One of those demos so fully realized it doesn't sound like a demo at all. So good it deserves a proper vinyl treatment!

For fans of: Wipers, Wire, Cock Sparrer, The Briefs, The Aggravation,  Clorox Girls etc.

Buy the tape here.




Generacion Suicida - Los Primeros Anos CS (2016)

These South Central LA ghetto punks made a name for themselves in the modern DIY punk scene with their trademark sound and that is blistering fast, melodic and super cathy retro punk rock sung in Spanish.

This limited tape compiles the songs from their first demo, S/T 7" and the Catholic Spit split 7", which are all sold out now. Read more about Generacion Suicida in my previous posts here and here.

For fans of Masshysteri, The Vicious, Gorilla Angreb, Eskorbuto, No Hope For The Kids, latino punk, 77 punk, Bloodstains Across California compilation etc.

Recently, Doomtown Records released Generacion Suicida's amazing new LP called Sombras. Listen it here

You can buy this tape and other Generacion Suicida releases from Doomtown Records here.

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Gazm - Dirty Beach 7" (2016)

I've been spinning this one a lot. Gazm plays gritty, dirty and blown out style of hardcore and they are from Montreal. This is their demo tape repressed as a 7" and is full of rough aggressive sound, crashing beats, grimmest killah riffs and the craziest fucking vocals straight from the loony bin.

For fans of: Poison Idea, Discharge, GISM, Bad Brains, Infest, Big Zit, Hoax etc.

Buy the 7" here.




The Coneheads - Colekted Mix CS (2016)

Band made compilation cassette of the first three Coneheads tapes dubbed on thrift store tapes. Also contains a bunch of live recordings and some Liquids stuff. For the in-depth analysis of this release go to punkest youtube channel of 2016.

You can buy Coneheads LP that compiles first two tapes here.

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Will post some new Doomtown Records and Cosmic Brood (my new label) stuff in the next few days but till then you can read about two recent Doomtown releases here and here.