Mess Folk - This is Mess Folk CS [2009]

I am really late with posting this because I had trouble with ripping the tape on my stereo and it sounds pretty harsh but here it finally is. Mess Folk are a Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada based band and they play weird, vile, noisy and messed up psychedelic garage punk. Brilliant garage punk that is. The sound is really raw [and my shitty stereo didn't help it either] but the songs are so awesome that it doesn't really matter. I love how sinister it sounds and there's a bunch of tracks that are catchy as hell. The tape was released on SCOTCH TAPE RECORDS and three of the songs from the album were released as a 7'' on HOZAC RECORDS.

The album will be re-released as an LP later this year on BACHELOR RECORDS with 10 additional unreleased songs.

BUY the tape from HERE and the 7'' from HERE.





  1. MESS FOLK has a new brilliant and killer EP just out on french label Plastic Spoons Records . check it out it : http://www.myspace/plstcspoons

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