Ajax - Demo CS [2014]

Straight ahead, short, superfast and pissed off hardcore from NYC. This demo is full of blistering riffs and there's a hell of a lot of barking thrown in. Somewhere I read that Ajax sounds like a slightly less melodic incarnation od Negative Approach and I can see the connection. Ajax also shares members with Creem, Warthog and Nuclear Spring.

Even Worse Records is repressing this one as a 7".




Una Bèstia Incontrolable - Observant Com El Mon Es Destrueix 12" [2013]

Psychedelic punk insanity from Barcelona, Spain. These guys are taking cues from traditional Discharge influenced hardcore and they're taking it to a whole new level. This is not your typical raw punk record. I'd like to think of this record as an initiation to a secret cult tribe society, the songs are based on tribal alike groove and repetition which are building up into anthemic burst of hypnotic psychedelity. The lyrics are all in Catalan and vocals are all drenched in reverb which perfectly fits the vibe. UBI are/were members of all those spanish bands everybody seem to like (Destino Final, Invasion, Glam, Atentado...) One of the best records I've heard in the last few years. A modern day classic.

LVEUM put this out. Also. there's a new 7" in the works. Check it out here.




Prag - Demo CS/7" [2013]

Squealing, thrashing and pretty fucking raging raw punk madness from Perth, Australia. Bestial vocals are full of reverb and echo plus nasty lyrics filled with total hatred for the human race. Whatever the hell influenced current bands like Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans and Lumpy & The Dumpers, whether that was early italian hardcore or spanish raw punk, whether that were Germs or Rudi Peni or mixture of their music with high dosage of some fucked up psychedelics, Prag drew influence from the same pool full of dirt, slime, rust and shit. Prag members also play in Nervous Trend and Helta Skelta. Higly recommended!!!

Prag's Demo is repressed onto 7" vinyl by Crucificados Pelo Sistema. If you're living in the States you can get your copy from Feel It distro.



Skategang - Freya Police CS [2013]

Garage-y power-pop project featuring some people from Youth Avoiders, La Secte Du Futur and bunch of other bands from french underground scene. Skategang really reminds me of Dirtnap Records type of poppy punk bands like Marked Men, Sonic Avenues, Mean Jeans...Cool shit!!!




Midnight Crisis - Selftitled 7" [2014] & Demo CS [2013]

Kinda new gang from Leipzig that plays finnish style of hardcore punk in the vein of almighty Appendix or Totalitär. If you are into newer finnish bands like Herätys or Gas Rag from the States you'll go crazy over Midnight Crisis. Actually, Herätys vocalist is messing around with his throat skills here. The band also features some fine folks who played in bands like Depressive State, Unkind and Idiots Rule. Don't miss on this.

You can buy MC's 7inches from Doomtown distro.

Selftitled 7"
Demo CS



Crazy Spirit - Crazy Spirit CS [2014]

Second tape from the unholy nuke york mutant punks captures five new songs of pure filth and dirt this band is known for. There's no need for introduction into the mad and violent world of Crazy Spirit degenerates. Still original and uncompromising as always!!!

Buy the tape here.




Big Zit - Demo CS [2013]

Straight up early era Bad Brains worship from outta Chicago, Illinois. Even the singer sound like a pissed off baby H.R. Killer stuff, so, if you like Brains while they were playing hardcore you need to hear this.




Warsong - Restitution 7" EP [2013]

Spanish Warsong comes with their third release in a row after their Caravan 12" EP and debut "Ancient Times" and they've never sound catchier than right now.

Here's official press info from No Nostalgia Records who put out Restitution 7":

"Hailing from Zaragoza, Spain, WARSONG delivers a blend concocted from the best ingredients of 80s West Coast punk. They drink amply from the fountain of old Southern California punk and hardcore (think DESCENDENTS and ADOLESCENTS) while also faithfully paying homage to the melancholic and dark melodies of the WIPERS. This band includes members of INSOMNIO, revealing that their approach to punk is also firmly rooted in the Spanish classics such as RIP and ESKORBUTO. The "Restitution" 7", their US debut and third release in total, features 3 instant hits, exuding energy and catchy melody through their signature guitar leads and infectious hooks that will echo unrelentingly in your head long after the record leaves your turntable. Their perceptive lyrics reflect on frustration and alienation, contributing meaningfully to the universality of the punk ethos. The records are hand numbered and on mixed colored vinyl."

If you're living in the USA and want this one you should write to No Nostalgia Records here.

If you're living outside of USA you can buy Restitution 7" from Doomtown Records. Doomtown also put out Caravan 12" EP and Ancient Times limited CS and they were both sold out from the label but we found a few copies of each the other day so you can combine the order with Restitution 7" if you want.

Doomtown Records Discogs Store
Doomtown Records Distro Blog
Doomtown Records Bandcamp




Garbageman - Mad Future Demo CS [2013]

I got this tape in some random trade with folks from Creem when we were setting up Nuclear Spring / Creem show here in Zagreb. And then, I was not aware of the fact that Creem members were also involved in this project. Garbageman play pissed off, energetic and primitive hardcore inspired by early Boston and NYC sound. If "Victim In Pain" and straight edge mean anything to you, you'll dig this cassette.

You can buy last copies of this tape from Doomtown Records. Here's the link for DT Discogs Store.

As we speak of Doomtown Records; I just want to say that Nuclear Spring's European Tour 7" is almost sold out (we have 6 copies left for mailorder). The main idea is that this one will never be repressed so this is probably the last chance to get your hands on their latest effort. You can buy goodies from Doomtown distro from our discogs store or you can get in touch via email. We have plenty of new vinyls, tapes and zines in stock.

Doomtown Records Discogs Store
Doomtown Records Distro Page
Doomtown Records Bandcamp Page 
Doomtown Records Facebook
Doomtown Records / Teenage Lobotomy Tumblr
Doomtown Records email: doomtownrec@gmail.com



Acid Wash - Demo CS [2013]

Many of you who read TL frequently will be interested in this but probably never heard of this project. Acid Wash is a new band consisting of Bi-Marks and Autistic Youth members and they are all about 70's and psychedelic hard rock tunes.

You can buy tape from Taken By Surprise Records.




Smärtsam Utlösning - Demo CS [2013]

Smärtsam Utlösning is international project from members of Agent Attitude (read more about AA in my previous post) and Coke Bust from USA. Both bands toured the States together and when they were bored they wrote this songs and recorded it somewhere in the dirty rehearsal room on the road. Smärtsam Utlösning jams are total hommage to swedish crusty hardcore punk stuff like Disfear, Totalitär, Mob 47 etc. As I've hard, lyrics are telling stories about some of the AA members bad trip experiences. Cool shit!!! 

You can buy tape from Flophouse Records from the States or from Judas Cradle.



Agent Attitude - Affliction Days LP [2013] & First Two EP's LP [2012]

Watching these guys live three times last summer was quite a privilege. They didn't disappoint neither once and were always super tight. Uppsala, Sweden's Agent Attitude play straight in ya face snotty hardcore punk not unlike Citizens Patrol and they are brilliant at what they're doing and that is aping early USHC finest moments plus adding some scandinavian flavor (I'm thinking of Totalitar and DS 13). Both LP's are sold out but Adult Crash put out a new AA 7" so you better order yourself a copy before collector scum outrun you.




Murderer - Demo Tape [2013]

Kinda new band from the city of Nuke York featuring people from Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Goosebumps and Hank Wood & The Hammerheads. Not unlike Crazy Spirit, Murderer's music sound like it's been executed by mutant mole people living in the deepest depths of NYC sewers. This is some pretty nasty, ugly and creepy music played in total primitive manner and it have that stompy and galloping style Crazy Spirit are known for. Plus, if you add Hank Wood's pitt bull alike vocals on top of that how could you not like Murderer???

Toxic State Records put this one out. Grave Mistake Records is stocking some copies.




Lunch - Johnny Pineapple 7" [2013]

Lunch is hailing from the heart of the rain forest called Portland. I could go into describing their sound but I'm just gonna throw some words and you connect the dots : Punk Post Garage The Gun Club, Reverb Wire Punk Bo Diddley (?) Modern Garage...Anyway, four really good  and catchy songs ( one of them being gun club cover ) make this release definitely worth getting. Good one Jonnycat Records! If they ever decide to move their ass out of Portland, definitely go see them!

Order your copy HERE.




Black Gust - Psychedelic Maelstrom 7" [2013]

Ok, this is another new release on Doomtown Records. Black Gust plays a mutant fusion of good old 80's american hardcore and garage punk drenched in gloomy riffs accompanied by snotty vocals & bitter lyrics. These fuck-ups have been compared to the Adolescents, Gang Green, RKL, "late era" Poison Idea, Turbonegro and some "newer" bands such as Annihilation Time, Night Fever and Leathervein. Debut EP contains 6 songs in 11:30 minutes on 45rpm vinyl.

Free download (feel free to donate us money cause we are pretty broke all the time.) / Preview on Doomtown Records Bandcamp Page.

Buy the Black Gust 7" here.

If you don’t use discogs and you want to get the record, do a wholesale / trade, or whatever drop an email here.

If you're living in the USA it might be easier for you to order this one from Vinyl Conflict Record Store. Check Vinyl Conflict Discogs Store. NAT Records from Japan are also stocking some copies.

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just scroll through Discogs page.

You can follow Doomtown Records on Facebook here.




Youth Avoiders - Discography CS [2012]

This tape contains partial discography from these parisian fellas aka everything they put out before their brand new debut full-length record on Deranged Records (demo, two 7inches and some unreleased tracks). If we speak abut french hardcore punk scene Youth Avoiders are probably the most active band there. These guys toured States twice and are going on European tour soon. This is some really furious, straight-forward and super catchy hardcore punk inspired by early punk but somehow this still sounds fresh and new. Beside amazing writing skills I must mention incredible rasping vocals that are full of over the top shouting. Great stuff.

Buy the tape from Passion On Plastic Records.




Wetbrain - Demo CS [2012]

Cleveland based band featuring guitarist Shaun of Annihilation Time fame, Larry from Darvocets on vocals plus other bunch of Clevo freaks from Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Inmates, 9 Shocks Terror and so on. This tape is all killer no filler. 6 original tracks plus great Plasmatics cover. This is pretty badass and catchy hardcore punk played fast and in the most filthier manner and the vocals are fucking great on this one.

You can buy this tape via Cut The Chord Records. I think CTCR will also drop their new full-lenght. 




Nuclear Spring - Nuclear Spring 12" [2013]

New 12" from NYC based Nuclear Spring. These guys put out one of the best demo tapes I've heard in the last few years (check it out here). On this new 12" they continued with writing abrasive, driving and upbeat high-energy mid-paced punk anthems which sounds like they've been written in dirty British suburbs circa 1977-82 (Ok, I quoted this from press info I've written for their new 7" but that doesn't mean I'm lying). And, as I previous said in the demo tape review; "If name dropping means something to you, think of early Blitz, Partisans and Templars, or some new bands such as Criminal Damage or No Hope For The Kids." Also, some trivia for ya, Nuclear Spring members were/are active in Natural Law, Creem, La Misma, Putrida and Nomos.

This one is sold out but Nuclear Spring also put out 4 new tracks on 7" format. On the new 7" EP, these Brooklyn-based outcasts have also changed their sound a little bit and began to flirt with the 80's UK anarcho style, but still managed to avoid the standard retro death rock/post-punk sound that's trendy at the moment. 7" EP is out on Doomtown Records. If you want to get your hands on the Nuclear Spring's new vinyl see more infos/links on Doomtown Records blog.



Divided Minds - Demo CS [2013]

Ok, some of you are familiar with the fact that some of us are involved in Doomtown Records. This is one of four new releases we put out in the last 2 months aka; Debut six song tape from this reckless & relatively new punk trio which sounds like cross between 80's melodic hardcore punk mixed with sloppy & raw garage-y punk feel. Think somewhere along the spectrum of sounds situated between Zero Boys and Adolescents with Angry Samoans alike vocal. The band just got back from their european tour with their buddies Black Gust and brought this babies to our headquarters.

For fans of: The Observers, Carbonas, Predator, The Daily Void, Zero Boys...

Free download (feel free to donate us money cause we are pretty broke all the time.) / Preview on Doomtown Records Bandcamp Page: http://doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/divided-minds-demo-cs

Buy the Divided Minds Tape here: http://www.discogs.com/buy/Cassette/Divided-Minds-Demo/101504264?ev=bp_titl

If you don’t use discogs and you want to get the record, do a wholesale / trade, or whatever drop an email here.

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just scroll through Discogs page.

And yeah, you can follow us on Facebook here.




The Night Stalkers - Sexual Deviations 7" [2012]

One of the better 80's sounding punk releases I've heard lately. These guys play ripping and high energy nihilistic punk in vein of FU's, Jerry's Kids and fuckin' good old Teen Idles, but somehow this sounds totally catchy and also fresh at the same time. These degenerates are all about lust, filth and sleaze. As we speak of sleaze, one of the Night Stalkers members is involved in Sex Before Suicide zine so make sure to get your hands on this particular zine cause it's really a must have if you're into obscure cinema, trash culture and gay pornography. More info here, and here.

This is out on french based Offside Records. If you're ordering this from the States you can get it from Sorry State.




Hysterese - Hysterese LP [2011]

Noisy german punk rock with dual female/male vocals. I've been spinning this one like crazy. For fans of Hot Snakes, Cloak/Dagger, White Lung, Brain F#... Don't sleep on this.

The band is touring Europe at the moment. Can't wait to see them play here in Zagreb. Check the tour dates here. And if you want this on vinyl get in touch with band here.




Bi-Marks - Golden Years LP [2012]

Members of PDX Nerveskade / Bog People teamed up and formed this amazing monster group which is higly overlooked if you ask me. Everything I like about Rich Kids On LSD and Annihilation Time I'm hearing here. Nardcore influences can't be denied too. These punx know their shit well!!!

Do yourself a favor and order the vinyl from Sabotage Records.



Suspect - Demo CS [2012]

New band featuring some old blood from Tear It Up, Knife Fight, Deep Sleep and current members of Kent State, Rough Kids and Catholic Spit. Expect nothing but testosteron driven execution in good old Boston/NY ways.

Buy the tape via Paranoid Futures.




Devil's Hand - Demo CS [2013]

Members of Southside Stranglers (RIP) & Dry Spell playing Motorhead inspired punk. Don't let the ugly artwork fool ya. This is some pretty decent stuff.

Buy tape here.




Valley Boys - Demo 12" [2013]

"All-Star" supergroup featuring members of Career Suicide, Brutal Knights, Chokehold and School Jerks. Enough said?

Cut The Chord Records dropped this on vinyl recently.




The Secret Prostitutes - The Ken Rock 7" [2012]

My favourite record from these Texas freaks obsessed with scandinavian KBD style of punk rock. Lo-fi minimalistic punk sung in indonesian. This one is all killer no filler!!!

Recently, the band dropped their long awaited split LP with now defunct Cola Freaks and split 7" with their buddies The Real Energy (it's just The Energy switching their name to The Real Energy).
Get the split LP via Bad Hair Life Records here. Split 7inches are out on Team Science Records.

If you want to buy "The Ken Rock" 7" there are some limited copies available at Doomtown Records Discogs Store page.




Rat Traps [2005-2006]

You all know Cheap Time, you all know Jeffrey Novak and you all know that he is great. Well, here you have a band that he had with his sister April and her husband. I give you three 7'' of this reatards/persuaders style garage punk goodness. Unlike in Cheap Time, where he plays guitar and sings, here he is playing drums and sharing vocals with April. Anyway,I'm at work and that's enough of writing so download and listen,it's great.




V.A. - This Is Good: A Tribute To Black Flag CS [2010]

This is probably the most interesting Black Flag tribute tape ever recorded. Land O'Smiles records release this limited edition tape in 2010. and it included artists like Unearthly Trance, Deathcrawl, Climax Denial, Pusdrainer, Fistula (to name a few). Practically every artist brings a new genre to the tape, so here we have styles ranging from typical punk and hardcore to untypical noise, power electronics, sludge, doom and experimental. Pretty obscure/hard to find on the internet these days, so enjoy.




Warsong - The Caravan 12" [2012]

Finally, Doomtown's fifth release aka Warsong - "The Caravan" 12" is out.

Here we go with official press info. Well, actually, it's a review written by Kalle Stille but this one describes this record perfectly.

“Here we go, from the ashes of INSOMNIO and NO ESCAPE comes WARSONG with their second release after their impressive “Ancient times” debut-LP. Five songs: all killer no filler (four original songs plus a Wipers song that hasn’t been covered to death – especially not in Spain). On a good day, this record will make out an instant classic, on a bad day you’ll have to play it twice to discover the depth and richness of this record, but you definitely won’t sell it to anyone else again, because real good records stay forever. If you want to describe the sound of WARSONG, put together a band with a young Clif Hanger (The Freeze) fronting an all star band with the best ingredients from DAG NASTY, ALL, THE WIPERS and the mighty ADOLESCENTS. Your wettest dreams come true, if their subject is pure melodic hardcore-punk in classic 80s style. The more often you play this record the bigger it grows…and it’s damn huge right now. Mastered by genius Hajji Husayn from the almighty Red Dons.”

Free download (feel free to donate us money cause we are pretty broke all the time:)) / Preview on DMTWN REC. Bandcamp Page:http://doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-caravan-12

Buy the vinyl here:http://www.discogs.com/buy/Vinyl/Warsong-The-Caravan/69957038?ev=bp_titl

If you don’t use discogs and you want to get the record, do a trade, or whatever drop an email here.
Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just scroll through Discogs page.

And yeah, first 10 who order "The Caravan LP" get Warsong's limited Ancient Times Tape for free. How cool is that?

Follow Doomtown Records on Facebook here.




Wiccans - Teenage Cults 7" [2010] & Skullduggery LP [2011]

Denton, Texas' finest at the moment. Members of various Texan bands (Wax Museums, Minds Spiders, Video, Teenage Cool Kids...) have teamed up and created something pretty unique and refreshing. There's a lot of catchy hooks and melody, which is basically a trademark of the garage punk scene in Denton. However, the Wiccans vocalist seems to be pretty much into tough guy hardcore, so his over-the-top macho Negative Approach\YDI-style yelling is something quite atypical. At first I was confused, but now I can't get enough of this band. Also, the lyrics are covering some occult themes, which is uncommon for this sort of punk rock.

There's a 2nd Wiccans LP titled "Field II" in the works. Should be out soon on both Katorga Works (run by Adam & Colman who are also posting at the ever-amazing icoulddietmorrow blogspot) (USA) and Hardware Rec. (Europe). The new Wiccans songs are incredibly good and you can preview a few gems from "Field II" here. If Fucked Up were not that boring on the last few recordings, they might compete with these Texan crazies. There’s even some Blue Oyster Cult vibe in the “Field II” song, or maybe I’m just to much into BOC lately, so I'm hearing Buck Dharma riffs everywhere? And yeah, I almost forgot, there's also a 2nd Wiccans 7" EP in the works and should be out on Kevin's Pass Judgement Records. Kevin put out their 1st 7", Teenage Cults, and he is doing one of my fav blogs, Fashionable Activism, so thumbs up for Kevin.

Buy Teenage Cults 7" via Pass Judgement Rec.
Buy Skullduggery LP via Katorga Works
Preorder Field II via Hardware Rec. or wait for the USA press on Katorga.

Teenage Cults 7"
Skullduggery LP