Jarada - S/T 12" (2018) + Jarada - Ma'agal Sina'a 12" (2019)

It's been ages since the last post and mostly all download links are dead but i'll try to fix that if there's any interest.

Well, life sucks and I don't have that much time lately but I wanna share this new releases I put out on my label Doomtown Records!

Press info for S/T 12":

"Jarada is a four piece political hardcore punk band from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Jarada means anxiety in hebrew and this name perfectly captures the bleak sound the band is going for, in these thirteen tracks full of angry, chaotic and forceful hardcore sound!

As for the lyrics, the band was sick of boring, mostly apolitical music, sung in english, so they decided to remind the punks around the globe that punk is a political movement in every way and since the main source of frustration was the current situation in Israel there were no reasons to sing in another language except their own.

The band is heavily influenced by radical leftist and anarchist politics, political apathy in Israel and older Israeli bands such as Deir Yassin and Nekhei Naatza. Also, if you like Negative Approach guitar hooks or some recent hardcore punk bands like Repos or Los Crudos, Jarada will be right up your alley!" 

Press info for Ma'agal Sina'a 12":

"After a debut full-lenght record a year ago Jarada already crafted eight new brickwalls for a new one sided 12"!

This Israeli band from Tel Aviv continues to deliver angry, punching and chaotic music to the table, with some really bleak and negative overtones that are intertwined with hebrew lyrics that are mixture of personal thoughts with some politics thrown in!

Ma'agal Sina'a means "A Circle of Hate" in hebrew and is a natural follow up to the earlier S/T 12" and it deals with several issues which you can consider as "current events" from the past year and it also digs deeper into the emotional struggles and choices one needs to make to keep his or her shit together. On the one hand it may seem more cultural-political with songs like "Monopoly on Suffering" and "A Jewish State is a Circle of Hate" and on the other hand way more personal, with a self questioning and soul searching ("Riddance", "I Was in the Army").

As on the first record, you can expect fierceful vocals, chrushing hardcore riffs and plenty scraps of everything thats great about heavier side of punk music in the last decade."

Buy the vinyl records here.

Download S/T LP
Download Ma'agal Sina'a LP

P.S. There's bunch of new releases I put out that can be streamed on Doomtown's bandcamp. Make sure to check it out cause I think if you like most of the stuff i post here, you'll be heavily into it! Also, there's bunch of stuff distributed by Doomtown that you can buy from the store, links below.

Doomtown Records webshop (label stuff and huge distro)
Doomtown Records bandcamp
Doomtown Records instagram



Tarantüla - Demo CS (2016)

Abrassive yet still catchy while at the same time dark, this Midwest hardcore band combines the sounds of both Discharge and the Ramones, with some Jerry Kids' vibe.

Ex-members of Chicago's most infamous band Cülo, so you know this one's gonna be a proper rager!

Buy the tape here.




Ill Wind - S/T CS (2016)

Second release on my new label Cosmic Brood Records.

To cut it to the chase I'll just copy paste press info i wrote for this one. Hope you like it!

Ill Wind's debut tape release brings seven tracks full of melancholic bliss, dreamy melodies and punk rock infused with infinite sadness. This relatively new band comes from Zagreb, Croatia and its members have played in a bunch of bands during the past ten years; Vaseline Children, Junk Messiah, The Pathetics, Benchwarmers and more.

So, this is proper moody punk and a great soundtrack for sad people. If you like like Leatherface, Mega City 4, HDQ or Husker Du, Ill Wind might be right up your alley!

Followers of this blog might be also interested in another newer release on Cosmic Brood and that is Neon Lies debut tape. Neon Lies is a sick new solo project of Goran Lautar, the guitarist and the man responsible for the vocals, lyrics, recordings and hocus pocus behind the dystopian brooding garage rock group Modern Delusion. See more posts about Modern Delusion here. Listen to NL here.

You can buy both Cosmic Brood releases from the Doomtown store here.




Silent Era - S/T 7" (2016)

Yet another recent release on Doomtown Records!

"Upbeat, fast and moody political punk from the Bay Area with members of Deskonocidos, Neon Piss, The New Flesh, Criaturas and more. Here at Doomtown Records headquarters, Silent Era's music heavily reminds us of the late eighties sound we really dig and that is melodic side of UK hardcore and greats such as HDQ, Sofa Head and Instigators, as well as bands like Poland's Post Regiment."

Their approach for writing songs is definitely too fast to be called post-punk, but the chorus laden guitars and dark, melodic vocals could appeal to fans of that particular genre, whilst it's also too melodic to be filed under straight up hardcore punk.

Also, make sure to read my previous write-up on Silent Era's killer demo from 2015!
Check other posts related to Doomtown releases here.

Buy the 7" here.




Faux Départ - Démo CS (2016)

Killer garage punk riffage mixed with pop sensibility that equally brings to mind both popish side of early british punk rock, moody vibe of Wipers and some classic french sound unlike Camera Silens.

One of those demos so fully realized it doesn't sound like a demo at all. So good it deserves a proper vinyl treatment!

For fans of: Wipers, Wire, Cock Sparrer, The Briefs, The Aggravation,  Clorox Girls etc.

Buy the tape here.




Generacion Suicida - Los Primeros Anos CS (2016)

These South Central LA ghetto punks made a name for themselves in the modern DIY punk scene with their trademark sound and that is blistering fast, melodic and super cathy retro punk rock sung in Spanish.

This limited tape compiles the songs from their first demo, S/T 7" and the Catholic Spit split 7", which are all sold out now. Read more about Generacion Suicida in my previous posts here and here.

For fans of Masshysteri, The Vicious, Gorilla Angreb, Eskorbuto, No Hope For The Kids, latino punk, 77 punk, Bloodstains Across California compilation etc.

Recently, Doomtown Records released Generacion Suicida's amazing new LP called Sombras. Listen it here

You can buy this tape and other Generacion Suicida releases from Doomtown Records here.

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Gazm - Dirty Beach 7" (2016)

I've been spinning this one a lot. Gazm plays gritty, dirty and blown out style of hardcore and they are from Montreal. This is their demo tape repressed as a 7" and is full of rough aggressive sound, crashing beats, grimmest killah riffs and the craziest fucking vocals straight from the loony bin.

For fans of: Poison Idea, Discharge, GISM, Bad Brains, Infest, Big Zit, Hoax etc.

Buy the 7" here.




The Coneheads - Colekted Mix CS (2016)

Band made compilation cassette of the first three Coneheads tapes dubbed on thrift store tapes. Also contains a bunch of live recordings and some Liquids stuff. For the in-depth analysis of this release go to punkest youtube channel of 2016.

You can buy Coneheads LP that compiles first two tapes here.

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Will post some new Doomtown Records and Cosmic Brood (my new label) stuff in the next few days but till then you can read about two recent Doomtown releases here and here.




Exotica - Demo CS (2016)

Mutant punk based in NYC but with members from Mexico, Argentina and USA. This demo is a total rager from first track to last and if you're fan of international punk, raw punk or noisy punk similar to new wave of british bands such as Good Throb or Frau this one's for ya. Members of La Misma, Nuclear Spring, Ratas Del Vaticano, Muerte, Tercer Mundo etc.

Buy the tape from LVEUM here.




G.S.B. - Goldman's Beat CS (2016)

This is yet another one of Mark Winter solo projects which I'm assuming stemmed from Gordon Spicer Band, which probably was the first incarnation of The Coneheads, that appeared on the Cool Bands compilation tapes that Mark put together. G.S.B. sounds like a weirder and more punk take on Coneheads sound, with the exception of a track Telephone Bore as a total pop chartbreaker.

For fans and related to The Coneheads, Liquids, C.C.T.V., Big Zit, D.L.I.M.C., Cal And The Calories etc.




D.L.I.M.C. - Cassingles (2015)

What if Beavis and Butthead were in a punk rock band??? Well, the band would probably sound similar to D.L.I.M.C.

D.L.I.M.C. is one of many projects of Mark Winter from Big Zit, The Coneheads, CCTV, Liquids and dozen other bands hailing from the blooming NWI punk scene.

D.L.I.M.C. is all about infectious tunes, goofiness, satirical tongue-in-cheek humor and the most important thing; killer riffs. Not sure why this is not hyped more but I'm totally hooked on this and I'm afraid I don't know where you can buy this tapes, but I collected them all for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

For fans of Devo, The Dead Milkmen, Cal And The Calories, Meat Puppets, Nobunny etc.




Public Eye - Mood Change Party CS (2016)

Public Eye is what happens when members of PDX’s Autistic Youth switch instruments and decide to start a new band and play something entirely different and that is a stripped down, straight forward and repetitive post-punk.

This tape, even thought is a demo, do not sound like a demo at all. On the contrary, it fucking slays! Public Eye combines powerful and melodic songwriting with laser sharp technical precision, indie rock sensibilities and guitar-driven poppiness of 80's new wave and post-punk.

For fans of early Rought Trade catalogue, Fugazi, Wire, Spacemen 3, Institute, Ceremony, Parquet Courts etc.

Buy the tape from Sabotage Records here.
Listen to new song from upcoming LP here.




Catholic Guilt - Futile Attempts 7" (2014)

Yet another release by Doomtown Records I forgot to post here. Below is the press info for the release I wrote.

"Catholic Guilt are from Austria and play dense, discordant hardcore in 80's hardcore punk tradition. They are said to be measuring up with Poison Idea and Die Kreuzen when it comes to dashing off cogent, well-written songs that eloquently express the band's lack of interest in most of humanity. What’s more, they have plenty of chorus effect on the guitar, which reminds of early Hüsker Dü and many other bands from that era. Sickoids would be also a good reference if we speak about some new bands doing something similar."

Beside this 7", Catholic Guilt put out another 7" EP called "Cabin Fever" just a few months ago, as well as S/T LP and split 12" with their buddies INU from Spain.

You can buy all CG releases from DOOMTOWN store here.

Stream other Doomtown releases here.
Follow Doomtown on instagram here.
Buy Doomtown releases and other goods here or here.

The next release on Doomtown is debut vinyl release by Bay Area band with members of Deskonocidos, Neon Piss, The New Flesh, Criaturas and more. You can read more about Silent Era and preorder the record here. Download the amazingly killer Silent Era demo tape from last year here.




Obedience - Demo CS (2016)

Old school hardcore-punk band based in Austin, Texas. Obedience are all about nurturing love towards good ol' fashioned American hardcore. This tape contains six hard punches in the face brought to you by members of Breakout, Signal Lost, Severed Head of State, Dead Nation, Splitting Headache and Dave from legendary Tear It Up on vocals duties!




Deformity - Bug Collection CS (2016)

From the depths of New York City Deformity were born and they played high intensity weirdo raw hardcore at the same time both aggressive and noisy. All mixed up and recorded following the old "all knobs to the right" method. This should appeal to fans of classic noise punk not unlike Confuse, Disorder or Zyanose while at the same time, I can see how someone digging Hank Wood And The Hammerheads could be into this cause of occasional garage punk swagger.

This tape compiles all of their demos (released and unreleased ones), both 7" singles on Toxic State and La Vida Es Un Mus and scrapped LP from 2012. So you get the discography type of thing here.

After the band broke up members went on to form Kaleidoscope, JJ Doll and Ivy (who also call it quits).

This one was released by the band via their label D4MT Labs. Get it here. You can also buy Shards 7" here.




Nandas - Demo (2014) & S/T 7" (2016)

Recent primitive raw punk addition to the roster of Toxic State Records from NYC.

Nandas are female fronted gang of mutated punks heavily into barbaric stomps, distorted trashy guitar sound, raspy whispering vocals and generally dreadful sound. Essential like everything Toxic State puts out!

For fans of Nog Watt, early Rudi Peni singles, Wretched, european hardcore and Nandas nyc contemporaries like Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans, Hank Wood etc.




V/A "Richmond Burning Compilation" CS (2014)

Cassette-only mixtape of newer bands from Richmond, Virginia, compiled by Feel It! Records. Features tracks from Slugz, Animal Planet, the Nervous Ticks, Diamond Hairbrush, Omega Boys, Christi, Asylum, Atrocious Kontrol, Cretins, Barge and two songs from the aborted Southside Stranglers LP session. This is pretty intense selection of some of the most exciting hardcore and garage punk bands from Richmond even thought I must admit, at first I only tracked this one for unreleased Southside Stranglers stuff. Was worth it!



V/A "Bughouse I Mixtape" CS (2015)

Pretty killer, diverse and high quality compilation compiled by Not Normal Tapes from Lansing, Illinois. Full release compiles around 40 rare, live, previously unreleased, or alternate takes from the likes of American Hate, Baghead, Boots, the Bug, Christi, Chuckleheads, CHUD, The Coltranes, Common Ignorance, The Floor Above, Fogg, Lech, Leech, Mystic Inane, Negative Scanner, Orden Mundial, Otherized, Primetime, Slugbugs, Tenement, and Youth Sucks. So you basically get everything from the lo-fi raw hardcore punk sounds of Orden Mundial to the more melodic punk of Tenement plus a whole lot of brilliant punk and hardcore that falls somewhere in between.

Buy the tape here.




Mirror - Demo (2015)

Uncompromising, primitive and raw Texan hardcore at it's best. New band featuring old blood from Wiccans, The Impalers, Institute, Blotter, Criaturas, Kurraka and Vaaska. Enough said?

New 7" soon to be out on Erste Theke from Germany.




Modern Delusion - Days Of Us 12'' [2015]

After two releases on Doomtown Records, Wasteland tape and split 7" with Chresus Jist, this synth-oriented, gloomy post punk trio managed to craft twelve memorable songs for their highly anticipated debut LP.

"Days of Us" captures bleak atmosphere and isolation caused by living in the big city on some shitty part of the world and the 4-track lo-fi production doesn't hurt either. Wide range of influences come from some classic synth punk sounds like Devo, The Screamers or Units and there's definitely some obvious influence from Yugoslavian post-punk/new wave scene and bands such as Paraf and some contemporary stuff not unlike Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds. But this is not straight up death rock, post-punk or goth revival band, Modern Delusion build up their own trademark sound with strong melancholic touch and vocals soaked in reverb backed up with punk attitude and primitive raw sound.

Silkscreened sleeves come in two different colors; red and grey. Artwork by Dirt Sleeze.

Buy this LP here.

Also, there's a new band called The Celetoids featuring 2/3 of Modern Delusion plus drummer from Chresus Jist. The trio plays a frantic, nervous and rabid kind of furious punk rock inspired by the first wave of British punk and obscure KBD gems, even outsider punk weirdos like Rudimentary Peni.

The Celetoids debut tape called Pupal Stage is released by Doomtown a few days ago along with the new Generacion Suicida tapes and Cal And The Calories tapes (this one is on Doomtown's sublabel Outsider Tapes). Get the new tapes here. Stream new DT releases here.

Download Modern Delusion's Days of Us 12"
Download other MD releases here.



Chroma - Cuerpos Dóciles 12'' [2016]

Amazing new group from Barcelona consisting of 3 ladies who formerly and currently played in RAKTA, LAS OTRAS, INVISIBLES, SIEGA and RAKTA EM TRANSE. Primitive, mechanically repetitive, brooding tribal punk with some industrial influences that recall bands such as Killing Joke. I must admit I like this band even more than all off their other projects.

For fans of La Misma, Una Bestia Incontrolable, Belgrado, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ultimo Resorte...

You can get it here.




Nadie - Demo (2016)

Minimalistic fusion of raw punk, UK anarcho-punk with some hints toward post-punk brought to you by people from Belgrado, Sect, The Love Triangle and Shitty Limits.

This is only released in digital format but if you like this demo you might be interested in vinyl records by Sect, Belgrado and The Love Triangle. I added some last copies Sect LP, 2nd Belgrado LP and The Love Triangle 7" to a distro store. Get it here.




Latishia's Skull Drawing - Demo CS (2015)

Since the demise of Cult Ritual, the band members formed some other bands but neither of those bands had anything in common with the nasty dirge madness Cult Ritual were. This demo contains six songs full of noisy, atonal, chaotic and loud hardcore CR were known for and this tape is as close to CR sound as you can get. Don't sleep on this!

Members of Cult Ritual, Salvation, Slavescene, The Ukiah Drag and Anxiety Hammer.

Buy the tape here.




Muerte - Selftitled LP [2015]

Muerte is a hardcore punk band from Mexico City formed by members of Inservibles, Crimen, Tercer Mundo and Ratas del Vaticano.

This is some proper and well crafted hardcore punk with some goth/anarcho-punk/post-punk undertones. While at the same time straight forward, pissed off and angry, Muerte's bleak guitar work manage to bring some dark and broody atmosphere plus sense of a total despair and dread into this rabid mix. One my favourite releases from the year 2015.

For fans of Nerorgasmo, Deskonocidos, Rudimentary Peni, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers etc.  

Get it here.




Cal And The Calories ‎– Greatest Ass CS [2016]

Discography tape with all songs by over the top nasal punk from Lumpy's alter ego.

See earlier write up on Cal And The Calories here. If you live on another planet and you haven't heard stuff Lumpy is recording under the moniker Lumpy & The Dumpers do yourself a favor and click this link.

This tape is sold out from Lumpy Records but there's euro press version on Doomtown Records sub-label - Outsider Tapes. Get it here.

Speaking of Lumpy, I added a couple of Lumpy & The Dumpsters - Collection LP's in Doomtown webstore. Get it here.




Polio & Julie - S/T 7" [2016]

If you like Copenhagen punk from the early 2000's - this will be right up your alley! Catchy uptempo K-Town punk rock heavily inspired by The Avengers, X and Gorilla Angreb.

Get it here.




Eastern Bloc - Demo CS [2015]

Boston retro hardcore punk worship brought to you by members of Savageheads, Dry Hump, Bloodkrow Butcher, 2x4 and Social Circkle.

Buy Eastern Bloc demo tape here.




Generacion Suicida - Tour Flexi 7" [2015]

Generacion Suicida returns with two brand new tracks that will also end up on their upcoming LP early next year. This flexi was a one time pressing for their South American Tour and was released by Going Underground from the States. Read more about Generacion Suicida and download their last album Todo Termina in one of my previous posts here.

Buy leftover flexis from the tour here.

I just added last batch of Todo Termina LP's to the Doomtown Records store. Get it here before it's sold out from the label for good.

Also, I just wanted to mention that european press of upcoming GS LP will be out on Doomtown Records, as well as limited tape compilation of demos, singles and songs from the split with Catholic Spit.




Modern Delusion / Chresus Jist - split 7" + new Modern Delusion LP [2014/2015]

Yet another release from Doomtown Records. This was out last year in support of Modern Delusion's tour with Chresus Jist and limited to 300 copies.

Modern Delusion delivers three numb hymns in their traditional synth-punk/new wave style and this time the songs are even more darker and gloomier then on their debut “Wasteland” tape. If you like Lost Sounds, The Spits (minus the comic relief side) or Devo you’ll probably be into this trio.

On the flipside, Chresus Jist are presenting three noisy, surfy and catchy lo-fi gems similar to new era of noisy garage pop bands and Sub Pop scene. Lets just say there’s a slight touch of early Jesus & Mary Chain and the Pixies in their sound.

This was sold out from the label but we restocked a very few copies from the band and you can get it here.  Also, if you like Modern Delusion make sure to check their highly praised debut tape. You can read recent write on Wasteland tape on Terminal Boredom here.

In the meantime, Modern Delusion
managed to craft twelve memorable songs for their highly anticipated debut LP called Days of Us.

"Days of Us" captures bleak atmosphere and isolation caused by living in the big city on some shitty part of the world and the 4-track lo-fi production doesn't hurt either. Wide range of influences come from some classic synth punk sounds like Devo, The Screamers or Units and there's definitely some obvious influence from Yugoslavian post-punk/new wave scene and bands such as Paraf and some contemporary stuff not unlike Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds. But this is not straight up death rock, post-punk or goth revival band, Modern Delusion build up their own trademark sound with strong melancholic touch and vocals soaked in reverb backed up with punk attitude and primitive raw sound.

Stream new LP here: https://doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/modern-delusion-days-of-us-12

You can buy new Modern Delusion LP , Wasteland tape, split 7" with Chresus Jist and other Doomtown releases via Doomtown Records official store.
If you’re interested in a wholesale deal get in touch via email here: doomtownrec@gmail.com

We still have some limited copies of Savageheads 7", Generacion Suicida 12", Warsong 12", Catholic Guilt 7″, Black Gust 7" and Divided Minds 7" available from our catalogue.




Cheena - All The Cheena Money Can Buy CS [2014]

Highly original, Nuke York weirdo punk dropped this demo sometime at the end of the last year. The first song on this demo starts off as a kind of garage-y, bluesy and southern rock take on The Cramps and The Gun Club sound and I hear some Fun House-era Stooges influence as well . The second tracks The Mask and Goo follow the sound in the same tradition and then when the Dirty Boy hits the groove this is when it gets really weird cause this is some cow-punk influenced instrumental jam. Midnight And More really reminds me of Bobby Soxx and Stick Men With Ray Guns and the last song Twister is a galloping cow-punk stomper. I must mention that Walker from Crazy Spirit sings here and the Cheena personnel is also comprised of members from Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Dawn of Humans, Anasazi and Margaret aka Pharmakon.

Beside this demo Cheena also recorded three songs for a 7" that is out on Sacred Bones and you can get it here. People from Europe can buy Cheena 7" here.