L's end year lists

So! Here are my lists. M's are gonna be later up cause he's a lazy bastard.


Mean Jeans - Are You Serious?
- perfect. from the first track to the last. favourite album of 2009.

Jacuzzi Boys - No Seasons
- didn't expect much from it but it realy grew on me. :D island avenue is such a great song.

The Mantles - The Mantles
- warm, jangly, paisley underground kind of pop. love on first listen. don't lie is one of my favourite songs this year.

Analena - Inconstantinopolis
- third record by one of Croatia's best groups. emo pop brilliance. :D

Nothing People - Late Night
- my summer soundtrack. such a lazy record. love it. it's not your speakers IS my fav song this year. :D

Loser Life - Friends with a Demon
- raw, energetic and heavy on the emotional side. sad i didn't see them live. bet they kick ass.

Daitro - Y
- yes, i listen to screamo :D. daitro are one of my favourite bands and this is their best album so far.

Social Circkle - City Shock
- got hooked from the first sec. hope to catch them live somewhere.

Night Fever - New Blood
- best show in 2008. hardcore rock n roll in it's best.

The Spits - Vol. IV
- i love the Spits. they make me happy.


white wires - pretty girl
mark sultan - hold on
davila 666 - primero muerta
lover! - no dreams please
condominium - barricade
smart cops - cominciare a vivere
dead ghosts/smith westerns split
mean jeans - licence 2 chill
fy fan - ah nej
love potion - ejeculator


gape attack! - gape attack!
fnu ronnies - golem
dharma - flesh
southside stranglers - demo
blood! - evacuated materials


insuiciety @ TIME
cheap time @ SPUNK
cheveu+tyvek @ ZVUK SOBICE/SPUNK
brat pack @ KSET/KRŠKO
comeback kid+have heart+rise and fall+shipwreck a.d.+defeater @ MOČVARA
the get up kids @ BOLOGNA
municipal waste @ MKC ŽUPANJA
future of the left @ KSET
mutual of omaha+kidcrash+aussitot mort @ MOČVARA
sunn o))) @ &TD
hellshock @ TIME

that's about it. hope you all had a great year!


Merry christmas!

Hi! Merry christmas and all that! It's been a bit slow here these few days, but hey, it's the holidays! We have some more music to post on the blog and we'll be right on it just as soon as we sober up. In the meanwhile here are our end year lists of top albums, singles, ep's, gigs and stuff like that!



Purple Mercy - Purple Mercy LP [2009]

This record is pure masterpiece. It will be sure on my top 2009 list. Guys from PM are all about getting too high to die and worshiping Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard & Sleep while simultaneously fornicating with Black Flag (post-Damaged era) sound.

Grab your vinyl here. (It's on sale!!!)




Paintbox - "Trip, Trance & Travelling" 2xLP [2009]

Paintbox is a Japanese hardcore band featuring ex-members of Death Side.

from PRANK:

"The Third LP from Tokyo's PAINTBOX was almost ten years in the making is finally available on Vinyl. Combing the ferocity of Japanese hardcore with influences from across the music spectrum-Classic rock, J-Pop, Psychedelia and more- this double LP is an almost 70 minute journey through a myriad of emotions and soundscapes that stretches the concept of a hardcore LP to it's limit in a way only Japanese legends PAINTBOX could."

Buy here.




The Hussy

The Hussy are a duo from Madison, Wisconsin. Bobby hits the guitar and Heather strums the drums. They share the vocal duties and play catchy garage punk with hooks that'll get stuck in your head for hours after listening and the songs will get you dancing like a moron from the first beat! They released a couple of 7''s this year [a split with SLEEPING IN THE AVIARY on SCIENCE OF SOUND RECORDS, and a six song EP - WINTER DAZE on the Netherland based A FISTFUL OF RECORDS].

WINTER DAZE - RS [mediafire.com is down for some reason so rapidshare will have to do for now]

They have a couple of records coming out in 2010. A split release with THE ZYGOTEENS on BIG ACTION RECORDS and a split cassette with BAD COP on JEFFREY DRAG RECORDS.

Round and Round - from the Zygoteens split
On the Cover - from the Bad Cop split

They are playing lots of shows in the US this winter so go check them out live if you have the chance.

Check their MYSPACE for more info.



Predator - Honest Man 7" [2009]

from 7 inch Atlanta:

"Predator's debut EP is a blast of three-chord punk rock that draws from the same American hardcore and punk influences that guided The Carbonas and Frantic when they first burst on the scene. The band features Mike (bass) and Brannon (guitar) from Frantic and Beat Beat Beat sharing vocal duties. They are backed by drummer John Necro, who is good enough to play with a bunch of shredding metal dudes but doesn't mind playing back-to-basics punk. The salvo opens with "Honest Man" and its angst-filled vocals. The flipside features two brief blasts of hardcore in "DLDD" and "No". When I say hardcore, I mean American classics like The Zero Boys..."

Out on Rob's House. Buy single here.





Biblical Violence - Bib Vio CS [2009]

Lovro's been trashin' in his own room for quiet a while now. Biblical Violence is a vision of a straightXedge dude who describes his music as "BAD BRAINS BEING SUCKED THROUGH A VACUUM". I personally think it's more like a "winged lizard" AKA pterodactyl chasing you and screaming at you (with his high pitched voice) until you're deaf, all yellow & green and frightened to death and all of the terror is caught on tape. Maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it but if you're into it you can get the tape from Skrot Up who released Lovro's vision of acousmatic garage\post-punk.

See what some other guy from Digital Industries thinks of Bib Vio:

"It begins with a jab of bass, drums, and vitriolic hollering. Sound quality ensures the song is little more than a muddy husk. From these unsavory first steps, Croatia’s Biblical Violence soon get downright malevolent. The next piece is rasping and demonic vocal incantations buried under monolithic and impenetrable keyboards. Then comes ramshackle darkwave with a coating of ear and face rending sonics. The tape peaks with rippling pools of bile and depth charged pulse implosions and concludes with a couple breakneck punk clatterings to take it home. For a double A side with only about twelve minutes of music, “Bib Vio” has an impressive amount of variety and the array of sounds all share a pitted, rancid, homicidal core. 8/10"

Also, Skrot Up tapes are available from Tomentosa Records (US), Fan Death (US), Fusetron (US), Bis Auf's Messer (Germany) and Repo Man Records in Copenhagen.

And yeah, Lovro's been doin' some album covers, gig posters and illustrations and you can see some of his works here.





It has come to our atention [STATIC FUZZ shoutbox] that the PURE EVIL [2009] rar file showed infected files on a virus scan. I have no idea how that happend, since i have no idea how to infect something with a virus, except when sneazing or caughing in it's face. The old link has been removed and the new one is on the way. Mediafire says that 13 people downloaded the file before I removed it so if you are one of them please scan your computer. We are truly sorry if someone had greater problems because of this.

And get PURE EVIL because it's a great album.

Hope you still trust us with our links. We'll do our best to prevent things like that from happening ever again.


Southside Stranglers concerts!

I kind of found out late about this, but, Southside Stranglers, one of my favourite new bands are playing some shows these days:

Dec 17, 2009 8:00 PM - JR’s Bar

Dec 18, 2009 7:00 PM - House show

Dec 19, 2009 7:00 PM - gallery 5 [this show is with LADIES, GG KING, CLOAK/DAGGER and SCHOOL JERKS]

So, anyone who has the chance to go to these gigs, DO IT!

I think they will be selling their upcoming 7'' on this mini-tour [the 7'' will be out on GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS in 2010].

Check the bands MYSPACE for more info!


Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Pure Evil [2009]

Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands are Waylon and Meg, a husband and wife duo from Gainsville, Florida. Pure Evil is their latest release on their own WHITE MOON RECORDINGS. It's ten songs of primitive garage rock n' roll with lot's of reverb which gives it a nice eerie, b-movie horror flick kind of vibe. A great soundtrack for fighting zombies, mummies, vampires and 50ft. women!

Check some songs on their MYSPACE page.




*the link that was infected is removed. this is a new link.

The UV Race - The UV Race LP [2009]

Debut full-length from Australian post-punk\garage punk weirdos. I think that 1st press of this record (out on Aarght! ) is out of print but coloured vinyl represses are coming soon. Drop an eye for the info here.

And yeah, guy behind the UV Race drums is running a distro and publishing a cool zine called Distort. See for yourself here and here. And he is also into reviewing tapes... What a blogger. Wünderbar!






No Hope for the Kids

No Hope for the Kids feature former members of Amdi Petersens Arme and Young Wasteners, and just like those bands No Hope for the Kids make you think that it’s Los Angeles 1979 all over again.

From Sweden's the Vicous to Denmark's No Hope for the Kids! NHFTK are one of K-Town's best HC bands [ i'm not sure if they are still active ] and here we bring you two of their 7'' singles both released on BACKWARD MASKING records. The songs are on the darker side, mostly about war and it's terrors and stuff like that [ ANGELS OF DESTRUCTION 7'' B side - cold touch - is my fav ]. The DAS REICH 7'' was repressed on HJERNESPIND some time ago but it's sold out. Anyways, check it out!



They also released one LP, the S/T from 2004 on KICK N' PUNCH records [ repressed on HJERNESPIND and still available - HERE]!



Some more Vicious music

Final post about the Vicious [ check alienated and igen ]. Their first 12'' and the EP that followed it. Both records are sold out but you can get them of eBay if you're lucky to find them [ and want to spend some serious [:D] cash ]. Enjoy!

*i'm too lazy to upload the suicidal generation 7'' right now but if someone really wants it i'll do my best. :D



Bad Sports - Bad Sports [2009]

from Douchemaster:

"Bad Sports are a three piece that features TV's Daniel from Wax Museums and Greg Rutherford from High Tension Wires. Bad Sports are a bit more playful, but don't be surprised if this record reminds you slightly of The Reds or the first Marked Men LP."

Buy here.





The Lenients - Rock Paper Scissors [2009]

from the bands LAST.FM page:

The Lenients are a Finnish punk rock band, formed in march ‘09. Their musical influences lay from ‘77 classic punk rock to melodic hardcore from beginning of the 80’s. Their music could be simply described as trashy, yet melodic punk rock.

And it's got a nice garage vibe to it! Check it out! :)

Visit the bands HOMEPAGE to find out some news and more stuff about them. You can order the CD from HERE.

Also, check out how they sound on their MYSPACE page.



The Marked Men & This Is My Fist Split 7" [2009]

This split features The Marked Men whose sound inspired by The Exploding Hearts and The Briefs is familiar with everyone, and This Is My Fist hailing from the Bay Area of CA and bringing up two tracks of popish punk similar to Crimpshrine, Jawbreaker, Pegboy...

7" is out on No Idea so grab your copy before is sold out!

Marked Men's Myspace
This Is My Fist's Myspace



Young Governor - Hidden Love 12" [2009]

Young Governor is just Ben Cook (Fucked Up, Marvelous Darlings, The Bitters) and Hidden Love is the perfect blend of fuzzy pop & lo-fi garage punk.

Hidden Love 12" is sold out but there is a repress on the way so you should preorder it here.





TeePee - Morals [2009]


The Teepee debut LP titled "Morals" is ready for consumption, if you don't know the Teepee sound already, its a mix of synthpop/punk/hypnotic drones/Moody acoustic guitar/ & outsider sounds. Sounds that are sure to get inside your inner self and make you want to spin it over & over. This is quality material. 500 copies on Ebony Black vinyl w/ inserts and download card. Teepee is also a member of Miami groups Electric Bunnies & Melted Sunglasses.

Get your copy HERE.

TeePee has released some more stuff this year and you should get them all if possible, cause theye are all great. :)





The Vicious - Alienated [2006]

As promised, here is the VICIOUS's ALIENATED LP from 2006. Released on FERAL WARD RECORDS. This is the 16 song version [i think there was also a 10 song version]. All killer no filler.

Igen 7'' available a few posts back.

Buy the LP from HERE.



School Jerks - Nothing Else 7" [2009]

"Teminal State dudes teamed up mith Matt from Spin The Bottle records and some other douche bag to record 3 short, fast and mean snotty harcorepunk songs. Killer!"

Out on Riff Raff. Buy it here.





The UV Race - Malaria 7" [2009]

from SS Records:
""Four songs long, the UVs take their influences (X, Cramps, Electric Eels, VU, etc.) and smash them into something punk-like, spontaneous and fucking great. Captured on tape by Eddy Current guitarist Mikey Young"

You can get your piece of plastic from bunch of distros. Click here for info.




Hemendex - Waiting in Line [2009]

Hemendex are a new wave of new wave band from Croatia. They play nice upbeat synth based music for people to have fun and dance to.

This is their first official release [digital single]. The A side is the title song, Waiting in Line and the B side is a live cover of THE SOUNDs song HEARTLAND.

Check their MYSPACE for some more songs and their WEBSITE for some awesome blackness!



Dávila 666 - Primero Muerta 7'' [2009]


Impeccably clean production with such lavish songwriting from south-of-the-border party animals like these would normally be a polarizing combination of attributes, but rest assured, Davila 666 is on the fast track to modern pop notoriety, as this single will soon attest.

Out on HoZac RECORDS. Buy from HERE or HERE.

Dávila 666 have another 7'' out this year on DOUCHEMASTER (which should be on the blog in the upcoming days) and an LP on IN THE RED from last year.





Indian Wars

So! Indian Wars are from Vancouver and thay play great garage rock in the vein of KING KHAN, BLACK LIPS, MARK SULTAN and such. They have an upcoming 7'' out this month (14th) on BACHELOR RECORDS [who have a nice 30% discount on all of their releases during December] and they shared a couple of songs from the record with us.

If You Want Me / Just Can't Get Along With You. - DOWNLOAD.

The other two songs on the 7'' will be Carol Anne and Pockets and you can listen to some of them on their MYSPACE page.

If you live on the West Coast, go check them out live in February when they go on tour with Dead Ghosts [check it!] and Bare Wires.

Also, they have a split coming up with the Fungi Girls.



buy it HERE.


Haunted George - Where's Charlie Jones? [2009]

from IN THE RED:

For these latest recordings Haunted George has entered a real recording studio and added Jimmy Hole (Necessary Evils) on second guitar and Monty Buckles (Lamps) on synthesizer. The results are the most powerful Haunted George yet.

buy HERE.





The Vicious - Igen 7'' [2007]

Last release from the Umea [SWE] based 70's punk influenced band. Most of the members later formed MASSHYSTERI (check their debut album VAR DEL AV STAN here) which is very similar in style. Both are awesome bands. The ALIENETED LP should be on the blog in the upcoming days so check back if you like this.

US press out on FERAL WARD RECORDS and the EU one on the Denmark based label HJERNESPIND.

Buy from HERE.




Dead Ghosts

Dead Ghosts are a four-piece garage rock and/or roll band from Vancouver, British Columbia. Rauchy lo-fi recording style, country-esque vibes, “sweet guitar pluck-and-jangle,” driving rhythms, and the occasional Back From The Grave feel is the basic make up of their songs.


What to Do 7'' - buy HERE.
Holy Ghost 7'' - buy HERE.
Bad Vibes 7'' - buy HERE.
Split w/ the Smith Westerns 7'' - buy HERE.


The Yolks - The Yolks [2009]


Well, think of the Yolks as Chicago’s version of the Milkshakes. They got a primitive, early 60s garage rock sound, a mix of early Kinks, that Beatles live at the star club LP, mixed up in a blender with Supercharger, the Oblivions, and countless Billy Childish records.

Split release on RANDY & BACHELOR RECORDS. Check their websites and BUY THE RECORD.





Teenage Lobotomy MIX Vol. 2

New month - new mix! Teenage lobotomy MIX vol. 2 is here! The A side (by L) is filled with NOISY, DIRTY garage hits meant to be played LOUD, while the B side (by M) is a compilation of FUN, CATCHY power pop gems to melt your heart in the upcoming cold winter nights!


acid eater - top of spot
rat traps - tennessee rock n roll
a.h. kraken - axe vertical
nice face - beater
fnu ronnies - meat
human eye - rare little creature
final solutions - mental shark attack
the spaceshits - bacon grease
fag cop - skull splits
tv ghost - the nihilist
wolfdowners - tooshie bagel
francis harold & the holograms - glitter girlz
retainers - kill my boss
lamps - rototiller
homostupids - beneath the blackman
monoshock - mexican dentistry


clockcleaner - frogrammer
mean jeans - stoned 2 the bone
beat beat beat - don't tell me now
clorox girls - flowers of evil
marvelous darlings - teenage targets
thomas function - snakes in the grass
ty segall - going down
nodzzz - is she there?
the strange boys - baby please don't go
no age - teenage creeps
angry angles - you call it love
gentleman jesse and his men - the rest of my days
rikk agnew - falling out
wipers - mystery
blank dogs - leaving the light on




Sex Church - Sex Church 7" [2009]

from Weird Canada

"Canada’s modern-psychedelic scene is re-emerging, painted new colours and worshiping new Gods. Gone are the pretenses of 60s pop-lysergia; in its place we gladly fall before false idols and re-hashed idioms. And why not? When it’s done well, we put our minds on a true trip thru hell. Sex Church easily accomplishes this with their mix of doomy, pedantic guitar drones and gothic romanticism; parsing liturgy and psych in a bewildering and addictive way. The songs are long, depressing and mesmerizing; perfect musical beds for basement-evenings in your teenage vortex. And if that all made sense, they throw in a pop-punk ballad for the last minute of Dead End; nothing is ever too easy anymore."

Out on Sweet Rot. Grab your copy here.