Black Gust - Psychedelic Maelstrom 7" [2013]

Ok, this is another new release on Doomtown Records. Black Gust plays a mutant fusion of good old 80's american hardcore and garage punk drenched in gloomy riffs accompanied by snotty vocals & bitter lyrics. These fuck-ups have been compared to the Adolescents, Gang Green, RKL, "late era" Poison Idea and some "newer" bands such as Annihilation Time, Night Fever and Leathervein. Debut EP contains 6 songs in 11:30 minutes on 45rpm vinyl.

Free download (feel free to donate us money cause we are pretty broke all the time.) / Preview on Doomtown Records Bandcamp Page.

Buy the Black Gust 7" via Doomtown Records official webstore here.

If you're living in the USA it might be easier for you to order this one from Sorry State Records or Dirt Cult Records.

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Youth Avoiders - Discography CS [2012]

This tape contains partial discography from these parisian fellas aka everything they put out before their brand new debut full-length record on Deranged Records (demo, two 7inches and some unreleased tracks). If we speak abut french hardcore punk scene Youth Avoiders are probably the most active band there. These guys toured States twice and are going on European tour soon. This is some really furious, straight-forward and super catchy hardcore punk inspired by early punk but somehow this still sounds fresh and new. Beside amazing writing skills I must mention incredible rasping vocals that are full of over the top shouting. Great stuff.

Buy the tape from Passion On Plastic Records.




Wetbrain - Demo CS [2012]

Cleveland based band featuring guitarist Shaun of Annihilation Time fame, Larry from Darvocets on vocals plus other bunch of Clevo freaks from Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Inmates, 9 Shocks Terror and so on. This tape is all killer no filler. 6 original tracks plus great Plasmatics cover. This is pretty badass and catchy hardcore punk played fast and in the most filthier manner and the vocals are fucking great on this one.

You can buy this tape via Cut The Chord Records. I think CTCR will also drop their new full-lenght. 




Nuclear Spring - Nuclear Spring 12" [2013]

New 12" from NYC based Nuclear Spring. These guys put out one of the best demo tapes I've heard in the last few years (check it out here). On this new 12" they continued with writing abrasive, driving and upbeat high-energy mid-paced punk anthems which sounds like they've been written in dirty British suburbs circa 1977-82 (Ok, I quoted this from press info I've written for their new 7" but that doesn't mean I'm lying). And, as I previous said in the demo tape review; "If name dropping means something to you, think of early Blitz, Partisans and Templars, or some new bands such as Criminal Damage or No Hope For The Kids." Also, some trivia for ya, Nuclear Spring members were/are active in Natural Law, Creem, La Misma, Putrida and Nomos.

This one is sold out but Nuclear Spring also put out 4 new tracks on 7" format. On the new 7" EP, these Brooklyn-based outcasts have also changed their sound a little bit and began to flirt with the 80's UK anarcho style, but still managed to avoid the standard retro death rock/post-punk sound that's trendy at the moment. 7" EP is out on Doomtown Records. If you want to get your hands on the Nuclear Spring's new vinyl see more infos/links on Doomtown Records blog.



Divided Minds - Demo CS [2013]

Ok, some of you are familiar with the fact that some of us are involved in Doomtown Records. This is one of four new releases we put out in the last 2 months aka; Debut six song tape from this reckless & relatively new punk trio which sounds like cross between 80's melodic hardcore punk mixed with sloppy & raw garage-y punk feel. Think somewhere along the spectrum of sounds situated between Zero Boys and Adolescents with Angry Samoans alike vocal. The band just got back from their european tour with their buddies Black Gust and brought this babies to our headquarters.

For fans of: The Observers, Carbonas, Predator, The Daily Void, Angry Samoans...

Free download (feel free to donate us money cause we are pretty broke all the time.) / Preview on Doomtown Records Bandcamp Page: http://doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/divided-minds-demo-cs

Buy the Divided Minds Tape here: http://livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com/

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just go over to our bigcartel store. Also, you can purchase our stuff via our discogs store.

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The Night Stalkers - Sexual Deviations 7" [2012]

One of the better 80's sounding punk releases I've heard lately. These guys play ripping and high energy nihilistic punk in vein of FU's, Jerry's Kids and fuckin' good old Teen Idles, but somehow this sounds totally catchy and also fresh at the same time. These degenerates are all about lust, filth and sleaze. As we speak of sleaze, one of the Night Stalkers members is involved in Sex Before Suicide zine so make sure to get your hands on this particular zine cause it's really a must have if you're into obscure cinema, trash culture and gay pornography. More info here, and here.

This is out on french based Offside Records. If you're ordering this from the States you can get it from Sorry State.




Hysterese - Hysterese LP [2011]

Noisy german punk rock with dual female/male vocals. I've been spinning this one like crazy. For fans of Hot Snakes, Cloak/Dagger, White Lung, Brain F#... Don't sleep on this.

The band is touring Europe at the moment. Can't wait to see them play here in Zagreb. Check the tour dates here. And if you want this on vinyl get in touch with band here.




Bi-Marks - Golden Years LP [2012]

Members of PDX Nerveskade / Bog People teamed up and formed this amazing monster group which is higly overlooked if you ask me. Everything I like about Rich Kids On LSD and Annihilation Time I'm hearing here. Nardcore influences can't be denied too. These punx know their shit well!!!

Do yourself a favor and order the vinyl from Sabotage Records.



Suspect - Demo CS [2012]

New band featuring some old blood from Tear It Up, Knife Fight, Deep Sleep and current members of Kent State, Rough Kids and Catholic Spit. Expect nothing but testosteron driven execution in good old Boston/NY ways.

Buy the tape via Paranoid Futures.




Devil's Hand - Demo CS [2013]

Members of Southside Stranglers (RIP) & Dry Spell playing Motorhead inspired punk. Don't let the ugly artwork fool ya. This is some pretty decent stuff.

Buy tape here.




Valley Boys - Demo 12" [2013]

"All-Star" supergroup featuring members of Career Suicide, Brutal Knights, Chokehold and School Jerks. Enough said?

Cut The Chord Records dropped this on vinyl recently.




The Secret Prostitutes - The Ken Rock 7" [2012]

My favourite record from these Texas freaks obsessed with scandinavian KBD style of punk rock. Lo-fi minimalistic punk sung in indonesian. This one is all killer no filler!!!

Recently, the band dropped their long awaited split LP with now defunct Cola Freaks and split 7" with their buddies The Real Energy (it's just The Energy switching their name to The Real Energy).
Get the split LP via Bad Hair Life Records here. Split 7inches are out on Team Science Records.

If you want to buy "The Ken Rock" 7" there are some limited copies available at Doomtown Records Discogs Store page.