Catholic Guilt - Futile Attempts 7" (2014)

Yet another release by Doomtown Records I forgot to post here. Below is the press info for the release I wrote.

"Catholic Guilt are from Austria and play dense, discordant hardcore in 80's hardcore punk tradition. They are said to be measuring up with Poison Idea and Die Kreuzen when it comes to dashing off cogent, well-written songs that eloquently express the band's lack of interest in most of humanity. What’s more, they have plenty of chorus effect on the guitar, which reminds of early Hüsker Dü and many other bands from that era. Sickoids would be also a good reference if we speak about some new bands doing something similar."

Beside this 7", Catholic Guilt put out another 7" EP called "Cabin Fever" just a few months ago, as well as S/T LP and split 12" with their buddies INU from Spain.

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Obedience - Demo CS (2016)

Old school hardcore-punk band based in Austin, Texas. Obedience are all about nurturing love towards good ol' fashioned American hardcore. This tape contains six hard punches in the face brought to you by members of Breakout, Signal Lost, Severed Head of State, Dead Nation, Splitting Headache and Dave from legendary Tear It Up on vocals duties!