Generacion Suicida - Tour Flexi 7" [2015]

Generacion Suicida returns with two brand new tracks that will also end up on their upcoming LP early next year. This flexi was a one time pressing for their South American Tour and was released by Going Underground from the States. Read more about Generacion Suicida and download their last album Todo Termina in one of my previous posts here.

Buy leftover flexis from the tour here.

I just added last batch of Todo Termina LP's to the Doomtown Records store. Get it here before it's sold out from the label for good.

Also, I just wanted to mention that european press of upcoming GS LP will be out on Doomtown Records, as well as limited tape compilation of demos, singles and songs from the split with Catholic Spit.




Modern Delusion / Chresus Jist - split 7" + new Modern Delusion LP [2014/2015]

Yet another release from Doomtown Records. This was out last year in support of Modern Delusion's tour with Chresus Jist and limited to 300 copies.

Modern Delusion delivers three numb hymns in their traditional synth-punk/new wave style and this time the songs are even more darker and gloomier then on their debut “Wasteland” tape. If you like Lost Sounds, The Spits (minus the comic relief side) or Devo you’ll probably be into this trio.

On the flipside, Chresus Jist are presenting three noisy, surfy and catchy lo-fi gems similar to new era of noisy garage pop bands and Sub Pop scene. Lets just say there’s a slight touch of early Jesus & Mary Chain and the Pixies in their sound.

This was sold out from the label but we restocked a very few copies from the band and you can get it here.  Also, if you like Modern Delusion make sure to check their highly praised debut tape. You can read recent write on Wasteland tape on Terminal Boredom here.

In the meantime, Modern Delusion
managed to craft twelve memorable songs for their highly anticipated debut LP called Days of Us.

"Days of Us" captures bleak atmosphere and isolation caused by living in the big city on some shitty part of the world and the 4-track lo-fi production doesn't hurt either. Wide range of influences come from some classic synth punk sounds like Devo, The Screamers or Units and there's definitely some obvious influence from Yugoslavian post-punk/new wave scene and bands such as Paraf and some contemporary stuff not unlike Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds. But this is not straight up death rock, post-punk or goth revival band, Modern Delusion build up their own trademark sound with strong melancholic touch and vocals soaked in reverb backed up with punk attitude and primitive raw sound.

Stream new LP here: https://doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/modern-delusion-days-of-us-12

You can buy new Modern Delusion LP , Wasteland tape, split 7" with Chresus Jist and other Doomtown releases via Doomtown Records official store.
If you’re interested in a wholesale deal get in touch via email here: doomtownrec@gmail.com

We still have some limited copies of Savageheads 7", Generacion Suicida 12", Warsong 12", Catholic Guilt 7″, Black Gust 7" and Divided Minds 7" available from our catalogue.




Cheena - All The Cheena Money Can Buy CS [2014]

Highly original, Nuke York weirdo punk dropped this demo sometime at the end of the last year. The first song on this demo starts off as a kind of garage-y, bluesy and southern rock take on The Cramps and The Gun Club sound and I hear some Fun House-era Stooges influence as well . The second tracks The Mask and Goo follow the sound in the same tradition and then when the Dirty Boy hits the groove this is when it gets really weird cause this is some cow-punk influenced instrumental jam. Midnight And More really reminds me of Bobby Soxx and Stick Men With Ray Guns and the last song Twister is a galloping cow-punk stomper. I must mention that Walker from Crazy Spirit sings here and the Cheena personnel is also comprised of members from Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Dawn of Humans, Anasazi and Margaret aka Pharmakon.

Beside this demo Cheena also recorded three songs for a 7" that is out on Sacred Bones and you can get it here. People from Europe can buy Cheena 7" here.




C.C.T.V. - S/T 7" [2015]

Debut 7" from this Coneheads-affiliated band from Northwest Indiana. It sounds pretty much exactly like Coneheads, only with a woman singing instead of a man. Total nervous frantic post-punk that sounds like a recently excavated secret basement tape from the year 1979. Killer! If you haven't heard Coneheads yet check my previous post about them here.

This is already sold out from Lumpy Records.



L.O.T.I.O.N. - Digital Control and Man's Obsolescence 12" [2015]

Drum machine fueled weirdness from NYC. This is really harsh and primitive as you would espect from the band on Toxic State roster. Aesthetic and music at first reminded me of industrial/noise era GISM but this could also appeal to fans of Big Black, Ministry or any kind of minimal electronic music. Members of Dawn of Humans, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads and Survival.

Euro press on La Vida Es Un Mus.




Steel Chains - Demo CS [2015]

Newest PDX sensation featuring former members of Defect Defect, Clorox Girls and The Observers. If you're into Portland mentioned bands and recent boom of swedish melancholic and melodic punk rock and bands such as Terrible Feelings, Vanna Inget, Masshysteri etc. don't skip on this tape.

Buy tape here.




Klaus - Demo CS [2015]

Not sure if I would file this under mutant punk, garage punk or uk82 inspired punk as the label suggests, but this is pretty cool! Four tracks delivered from two people who live on the opposite sides of the world. One is aussie punk named Jon from Prag and Helta Skelta and the other one is Drew from the USA who usually records and releases his Reatards influenced garage punk under the moniker Sick Thoughts.

Buy the tape here.




Slugga - Demo CS [2014]

7 tracks of simple and short stomping hardcore thugerry drenched in slime. Atlanta's Slugga would perfectly fit on a compilation with bands such as Crazy Spirit, Lumpy And The Dumpers, Prag, Black Panties, Dawn of Humans etc. Long live the slime!

Recently, Slugga dropped new 7" on Total Punk Records. You can get it here.




Life Fucker - Demo CS [2015]

Six tracks of raw and primitive hardcore accompanied by vocals drenched in reverb delivered by Barcelona/Berlin band made up of people from Sect, Blank Pages, Modern Pets, Fluffers and Diät.
If you like new wave of spanish bands like Glam, Destino Final, Una Bestia Incontrolable or Barcelona this tape should satisfy your taste!

You can buy tape here.




Liquids - Demo CS [2015]

New band featuring members from The Coneheads, Big Zit and Pukeoid. Eight tracks of raw and primitive straightforward USHC worship with some garage rock hooks thrown in the mix, especially on the B side. Somehow this tape brings to mind bands like Reagan Youth and Ill Repute...Cool stuff!




Silent Era - Silent Era CS [2015]

Upbeat, fast and moody punk with folks from Deskonocidos, Neon Piss, The New Flesh, Criaturas and who knows which other band from the States. If reverbed vocals, dark melodic singing and chorus pedals are your thing don't overlook this Bay Area punks. At first this really reminded me of earlier Dag Nasty but this should appeal to people into melodic side of UK punk similar to HDQ as well as to people into bands like Arctic Flowers or Sect.

You can buy this tape here.




Pagan Rituals - S/T 7" [2014]

Members of Tear It Up, Dead Nation and Splitting Headache playing something quite different from you would usually expect from these guys and that is ghoulish post-punk in the vein of early Killing Joke with some hints towards Amebix sound. Cool debut release.  

Buy the 7" here.




Generacion Suicida - Todo Termina 12" [2015]

Latest release on Doomtown Records is european press of second 12" from Generacion Suicida from South Central, Los Angeles.

Press info:

"This time around the group brings 9 tracks of their powerful trademark sound. They play melodic, angular and catchy punk with oscillating male/female vocals creating a serrated edge of paranoia and anxiety of a modern day LA."

"This is real punk; rudimentary and raw but not in a dumb way; this is eloquent and it sounds like it coulda come out of LA in 1979 or just plain yesterday. They sing solely in Spanish and remind of bands from other countries, mainly Umea, Sweden; in the Ny Vag tradition of The Vicious and Masshysteri or Copenhagen's Gorilla Angreb and No Hope For The Kids which sort of bring the sound back home to California because those Scandinavians borrowed heavily from Los Angeles’s past (late ‘70s Dangerhouse, especially). But this is not a ripoff band, not some knock off, not some imitation, not a homage or retro dress up party, this is what the group does best."

"On this new 12" GS sped it up; playing it even more blistering fast and melodic, almost sounding in places like a kind of melancholic take on pogo punk. Essential."

Artwork is done by this blog founder and contributor Lovro Škiljić AKA Biblical Violence Illustrations. Give him some love here and make sure to check his newly opened webstore on society6.

You can buy the 12" here: http://livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com/product/generacion-suicida-todo-termina-12-doomtown

If you’re interested in a wholesale deal get in touch via email here: doomtownrec@gmail.com

Also, you can stream and download Todo Termina from Doomtown bandcamp here. Take note that we are pretty broke all the time and producing records is not a cheap deal so any kind of donation is more then welcome. Next release on Doomtown is euro press of Savageheads 7" and you can preview their 7" EP here.

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Modern Delusion - Wasteland CS [2014]

Yet another recent release from Doomtown Records. This debut tape from Modern Delusion got some pretty positive reviews from MRR crowd and buncha blogs all over the globe. I'm just gonna post the press info I wrote for this one plus some other people write-ups.

Modern Delusion are a trio from Zagreb featuring members of Dykemann Family and Black Gust as well as members of the now-defunct The Babies and Daily Trash. Unlike the aforementioned bands, Modern Delusion aim for something quite different: synth-oriented, gloomy post punk with obvious influences from zillions of obscure "Back from the Grave" and KBD comps and maybe even some Crypt Records stuff. If you'd like us to drop some names, hear this: Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds and his earlier "synth punk" projects like Angry Angles or Destructions Unit, and some classic stuff like Devo, The Units, Urinals... The band recorded 6 original songs plus a Crime cover on a primitive 4-track recorder, and now, these seven jams are finally seeing the light of day as a limited cassette tape. Don't miss out on this! Artwork by Igor Hofbauer.

Some other opinions on this tape:

"I really like synth-based punk when it's done well...like COUNT VERTIGO, LOST SOUNDS or some other shit like that. I like stuff that sounds unhinged and punk. Sometimes, synth bands go down a goth path (and I like goth too), but bands tend to lose something when they go down that path and turn into SKINNY PUPPY. MODERN DELUSION manages to sound like a lost Killed By Death style band from 1982..but also pretty modern and urgent. That's all I got. They're good. They're from Croatia. They play a CRIME cover." written by Greg Harvester (Remote Outposts, MRR #375)

"Zagreb's Modern Delusion feature members of Dykemann Family and Black Gust. In contrast to their highly recommended split 7" with Chresus Jist this previously released debut tape sounds a little more catchy and the band's dark, swirling undercurrents are less developed here. "Wasteland" features seven tracks of driving punk-rock with plenty of great melodies. Stylistically, this release channels the spirit of classic punk and post-punk from the late 70s/early 80s and has a strong Devo style synth-punk influence. The musical foundation is built on rough guitars, pounding beats and frantic synthesizer sounds. Modern Delusion play an addictive style of punkrock delivered with rawness and intensity. Highly recommended!" written by Patrick (Ride A Dove)

Less then 10 copies of this tape in the webstore, You might wanna act fest if you want to grab this one. Buy the tape from Doomtown webstore here. If you're living in the USA it might be easier for you to order this one from Sorry State Records.

Beside this tape Doomtown also released MD's split 7" with Chresus Jist. You can listen to split EP here. You can buy split 7" here. If you are living in the USA order your copy from Sorry State or Dirt Cult Records.

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just go over to our bigcartel store. As for the other Doomtown releases we put out, you can check them out on our bandcamp page. Also, there's plenty of new releases on horizon and euro press of Generacion Suicida's Todo Termina is one of them and should be out in the next couple of days. You can already stream/download 12" here.




Personnel - Gimme Holiday CS [2014]

Minimalistic and scrappy post-punk featuring members from Shitty Limits, The Love Triangle, Frau, Good Throb and Toddlers.

Buy the tape here.




Cops - Demo CS [2012]

Short-lived Atlanta punk trio led by Gentleman Jesse, GG King on drums and Ryan Dinosaur on bass. This even doesn't sound like a demo recording and this is not a strange thing considering these guys were/are playing/played in crème de la crème Atlanta based punk bands such as Carbonas, Predator, Bukkake Boys etc. 4 original songs plus killer take on Christian Death's Spiritual Cramps.

This is sold out ages ago (Scavenger of Death put this out) but beside this tape Cops put out 7" called Premonitions on Robs House. Not sure if the label is still active but you can track both tape and 7" on discogs.