The Busy Signals - Busy Signals [2007]

THE BUSY SIGNALS are a girl fronted Chicago based power pop group formed in 2005 with members from CARBONAS, the KRUNCHIES and the TYRADES. And this, their debut full length record released on DIRTNAP RECORDS in 2007 was an instant power pop classic :D. Hits like PLASTIC GIRL, STEREO, GOT IT ALL WRONG and MATTER OF TIME make this one of my favorite records and I get back to it a lot. It's just so damn awesome and it makes me happy.

Prior to the full length they released a couple of singles on DOUCHEMASTER and SHIT SANDWICH RECORDS that are also great.

You can buy the LP HERE!




This Routine is Hell - The Verve Crusade [2010]

THIS ROUTINE IS HELL are a hardcore band from Utrecht, Netherlands. This is their first full length out on SHIELD RECORDINGS. It's eleven fast and energetic songs in little over seventeen minutes so get ready for some serious thrashing. :D

Check out their WEB PAGE for news, lyrics and downloads of their previous releases and buy the record from HERE, HERE or HERE.





Teenage Lobotomy MIX Vol. 4

Yeah! Here it is! A new TL MIX. This one is only one sided cause M has been really busy lately and didn't have time to put the other side together. Anyway, it's twenty songs of some of my favorite newer hardcore bands. Enjoy.


brutal knights - i do nothing
press gang - stockholm syndrome
nitad - radslan
social circkle - what's so great
autistic youth - empty eyes
dean dirg - your choice
BANxTHIS! - like glue
government warning - fat nation
sick mormons - taekwondo
regulations - police car
women - radiation
surf nazis must die - i'm not anti-girls, girls are anti-me
la piovra - l'ultima sigaretta
fy fan - levande lik
henry fiat's open sore - manual labor minimal wage
smart cops - stato, cazzo!
jaques she rock - your band sucks
cloak/dagger - walk the block
shitty limits - leave me alone
brat pack - hate the neighbours

And a little reminder too all of you over seas. DEAN DIRG and AUTISTIC YOUTH are currently playing some shows together in the US so check their myspace pages for show dates and go see them!




Lets Grow & Jaibo! songs from Powder Keg Comp., upcoming split LP

Lets Grow & Jaibo!

When it comes to Jaibo! it's all about rock n' roll inspired hardcore punk. Jaibo!'s music can be compared to Bad Brains, Jerry's Kids, RKL (R'n'r Nightmare era) and some european bands such as Indigesti and Jingo De Lunch. They have 3 songs on "Powder Keg" compilation and 8 tracks will be out on split LP with Lets Grow. You can read more about Lets Grow in my previous post.

Also, a friend of mine and I started a new label called Doomtown Rec. and the first realease will be above mentioned Lets Grow\Jaibo split LP. The records should be in my hands in a few days so you can write me here for ordering infos and trades. You can preview both Lets Grow and Jaibo! songs here and i'll post some songs from the split soon so be sure to check the blog every now and then.

On the download link below you can download both Jaibo! and Lets Grow songs from Powder Keg compilation which was out on Hako Bastards.

Lets Grow myspace
Jaibo! myspace
Doomtown Records