Total Control – “Retiree” b/w “Meds II” 7" [2009]

Who are Total Control you can read in my previous post. This is their second single and is out on Iron Lung Records. Minimalistic Retiree is the best song i've heard from this fellas and this one really reminds me of Liars but with more trashy sound and of course even more synths. Meds II got industrial vibe and is more experimental but the drug fried vocals are doing the job pretty well. Great shit.




  1. So glad to own both these suckers.

    Thanks heaps for uploading them to the web, been wanting mp3's of these for ages.


  2. hahaha at first i was thinking complete control and was caught off guard so much haha this rules too!

  3. Copped the 1st, missed the second.

    - must of all been shipped to you yanks.

    really appreciate the share. been waiting a year to hear this one.

  4. I know so much people around the world think punk music is weird, but you know what... I DON'T CARE any shit what they say, because who really knows this musical genre knows what punk music means... I hope you continue supporting the real music.

  5. hey, the link is down, any chance you can put back up? thanks!!! love the early total control synthy stuff