Latishia's Skull Drawing - Demo CS (2015)

Since the demise of Cult Ritual, the band members formed some other bands but neither of those bands had anything in common with the nasty dirge madness Cult Ritual were. This demo contains six songs full of noisy, atonal, chaotic and loud hardcore CR were known for and this tape is as close to CR sound as you can get. Don't sleep on this!

Members of Cult Ritual, Salvation, Slavescene, The Ukiah Drag and Anxiety Hammer.

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Muerte - Selftitled LP [2015]

Muerte is a hardcore punk band from Mexico City formed by members of Inservibles, Crimen, Tercer Mundo and Ratas del Vaticano.

This is some proper and well crafted hardcore punk with some goth/anarcho-punk/post-punk undertones. While at the same time straight forward, pissed off and angry, Muerte's bleak guitar work manage to bring some dark and broody atmosphere plus sense of a total despair and dread into this rabid mix. One my favourite releases from the year 2015.

For fans of Nerorgasmo, Deskonocidos, Rudimentary Peni, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers etc.  

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