I know we didn't really post that often this year so here's our 2010 top albums lists with download links! It's been a great year with lots of awesome stuff and I hope the next one will be just as good! We promise to post music more often! Enjoy your holidays and have a rockin' new year!


2010 TOP 15

1. Masshysteri - Masshysteri [NY VAG]
2. Autistic Youth - Idle Minds [DIRTNAP]
3. Insubordinates - Insubordinates [COWABUNGA]
4. The Secret Prostitutes - Never mind the K.B.D. this is A.D.D. [BAD HAIR LIFE]
5. Brutal Knights - Blown to Completion [P. TRASH]
6. Crusaders of Love - Never Grow Up [DOUCHEMASTER]
7. Tandoori Knights - Curry up it's the Tandoori Knights [NORTON]
8. Balaclavas - Roman Holiday [DULL KNIFE]
9. Tyvek - Nothing Fits [IN THE RED]
10. Moonhearts - Moonhearts [TIC TAC TOTALLY]
11. Hard-Ons -
Alfalfa Males Once Summer is Done Conform or Die [BOSS TUNEAGE]
12. Nobunny - First Blood [GONER]
13. De Høje Hæle - Skal vi Aldrig Videre [HJERNESPIND]
14. Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows [VICE]
15. White Wires - WWII [DIRTNAP]

*links updated!

There you go! M's list is on it's way!