White Wires - Girly Girly Girly [2008]


Some of their song titles (“Girly Girly Girly,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah,” “Ha Ha Holiday”) may indicate their priorities in blatantly pop-infused ‘60s-garage-meets-‘90s-budget-rock, and their plastic shades n’ Converses definitely don’t dig ‘em out of that ditch, but God damn do they know how to write a catchy song. And they don’t bog it down with anything unnecessary, which I think is the key. Completely pop-infused numbers that have this great jangle to them – just the right amount of bass, treble and assertive drumming in the production, birthing some of the most infectious head waggers of recent memory. I guess I’m patting their backs a tad harder than I should be, but it’s fucking refreshing to see such reverence for songwriting in an age of aura being atop the pedestal. Good songs, good sound, good record.

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  1. Girly Girly Girly is deleeecious! Thanks!