Flight - Flowers 7" [2009]


"Flight could be four, but is likely just one dude, “dreaming of” his own death, somewhere in the same cloud of pinkish purple smoke from which appeared Ariel Pink and Blank Dogs. I’d like to think that “Flowers” and it’s equally bewildering B-side “Johnny’s Mixed Up” is an attempt at seriously no-fi stadium stoner metal. It’s got such a sinister edge, such a plodding but sharp march to it, enlivened by a genuinely catchy anthem (that’s where the Wavves comparison feels apt). It’s not metal of course, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find pics of him chilling in his cave, tearing up the Bible to achieve his incredible levitation between the dark arts and the indie rock universe."

You should buy single via Sweet Rot.  Or here.




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  1. I've been jamming Flight for awhile now, and everything he does is gold. The Lead Riders ep is more gothy than his earlier stuff, but equally radical. Total badass.