Meth Teeth - Everything Went Wrong [2009]


"Meth Teeth, out of Portland, lashes the no-hope drone of dead-end blues to turbulent punk rock distortion. Beginning as the one-man folk project of Mattey Hubele, the band picked up steam when Kyle Raquipiso joined, suggesting that Hubele blow out his songs with Pussy Galore-ish distortion. Now with the band’s first full-length, only a trace of the folk remains, haunting the margins of “I Was Wrong” and the instrumental “My Heart’s Heart.” Maybe the strongest whiff of Hubele’s strummer past comes in the bombed-out desolation of the verses here, blistered over with noise, shot through with intermittent rays of pop, jostled by sticks-on-rims and tambourine rhythms and slapped sober, occasionally, by giant guitar riffs. Like Eat Skull, Meth Teeth wraps fragmented bits of pop in a mesh of obstacles – cavernous distortion, buried leads and undecipherable lyrics."




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  1. Brilliant stuff. Got a track from this in one of my October Dandelion Radio shows.

    Mark W