Pigeon Religion

Pigeon Religion plays songs that are the aural equivalent of a demented wrong-turn mescaline trip, something akin to a wastoid blow-job in the bathroom of a bad hippy party with Jefferson Airplane playing at 15rpms on a broken turntable in the background. Sickly and hopelessly noisy, churning feedback laden guitars recall nights of miserable, unprotected sex and getting your ass beat by punk rockers only a quarter your age.

Crystallized Meth [2009] - MF
Scorpion Milk 7'' [2009] - MF - Buy HERE or HERE.
Dead Boss 7'' [2009] - MF - Buy HERE or HERE.



  1. Oh man, so excited to finally be getting these on my computer! These records all sound great, stoked for the future 7"/LP

  2. This band is great. Glad I bought the vinyl. Too bad their stuff is constantly sold out and you have to buy used usually.