GG King "Last of the Night Wiggers" Demo CS [2009]


"Essentially the last Carbonas line-up minus Dave on drums and switching instruments a bit. Six "ruff" demo tracks, and they're all really good (well...except the cover of "The Letter"...), definitely a decent couple of singles here. "Babbling Voices" and "Head in the Clouds" touch some slower and sleazier punk moments than the Carbonas did, "Drug Zoo" is right up there with any of their catchiest cuts, "Flowing Robes" is practically a crossover song (I'm talking about the metal/hc crossover you idiots...) and "Witching Hour" is catchy garage-trash. I felt really bad about the Carbonas bust-up, but I feel a whole lot better knowing GG is down there in ATL still carrying the torch."

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