V-3 - Photograph Burns [1996]

from AMG:

Mistakenly categorized as lo-fi, underground legend Jim Shepard and his mid-'90s outfit V-3 should really be termed lo-pro (for low production), as the many mumbling, sometimes droning lo-fi bands of the mid-'90s have little artistically in common with Shepard's offbeat, organic rock. However, at a period when bands like Pavement and Guided by Voices were releasing records that practically shimmer by comparison, the production value of Photograph Burns is stunningly low for an indie, much less major-label, release.




  1. najbolje <3 taman mi stigla ploča pred 15ak dana, i kakvi crni gbv bogte?

  2. to ovak nabacim tag bezze jer piše u recenziji. :D

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