Sect - Selftitled LP [2012]

Everybody's been raving about Barcelona based post-punk depression Belgrado but this project that involves Belgrado members seem to have slipped under majority's radar or at least I think so. The band already broke up but they managed to craft 10-track debut lp full of catchy melodies, female/male intertwined shouty vocals, jumpy rhytms all together creating bleak & dull atmosphere. The music is heavily influenced by the darker side of UK anarcho punk/peace punk and while spinning this vinyl I couldn't not to think of cult polish band Siekiera. Even the artwork of the record reminds me of Nowa Aleksandria. The Sect's drummer who also sings in Belgrado is from Poland so she obviosly introduced the band members with the polish classic post-punk sound. This is pretty decent modern take on 80's european anarcho punk and if thats your cup of tea make sure to get this.

You can purchase Sect's vinyl record here.



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