Prag - Demo CS/7" [2013]

Squealing, thrashing and pretty fucking raging raw punk madness from Perth, Australia. Bestial vocals are full of reverb and echo plus nasty lyrics filled with total hatred for the human race. Whatever the hell influenced current bands like Crazy Spirit, Dawn of Humans and Lumpy & The Dumpers, whether that was early italian hardcore or spanish raw punk, whether that were Germs or Rudi Peni or mixture of their music with high dosage of some fucked up psychedelics, Prag drew influence from the same pool full of dirt, slime, rust and shit. Prag members also play in Nervous Trend and Helta Skelta. Higly recommended!!!

Prag's Demo is repressed onto 7" vinyl by Crucificados Pelo Sistema. If you're living in the States you can get your copy from Feel It distro.



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