Una Bèstia Incontrolable - Observant Com El Mon Es Destrueix 12" [2013]

Psychedelic punk insanity from Barcelona, Spain. These guys are taking cues from traditional Discharge influenced hardcore and they're taking it to a whole new level. This is not your typical raw punk record. I'd like to think of this record as an initiation to a secret cult tribe society, the songs are based on tribal alike groove and repetition which are building up into anthemic burst of hypnotic psychedelity. The lyrics are all in Catalan and vocals are all drenched in reverb which perfectly fits the vibe. UBI are/were members of all those spanish bands everybody seem to like (Destino Final, Invasion, Glam, Atentado...) One of the best records I've heard in the last few years. A modern day classic.

LVEUM put this out. Also. there's a new 7" in the works. Check it out here.



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