Modern Delusion - Wasteland CS [2014]

Yet another recent release from Doomtown Records. This debut tape from Modern Delusion got some pretty positive reviews from MRR crowd and buncha blogs all over the globe. I'm just gonna post the press info I wrote for this one plus some other people write-ups.

Modern Delusion are a trio from Zagreb featuring members of Dykemann Family and Black Gust as well as members of the now-defunct The Babies and Daily Trash. Unlike the aforementioned bands, Modern Delusion aim for something quite different: synth-oriented, gloomy post punk with obvious influences from zillions of obscure "Back from the Grave" and KBD comps and maybe even some Crypt Records stuff. If you'd like us to drop some names, hear this: Jay Reatard's Lost Sounds and his earlier "synth punk" projects like Angry Angles or Destructions Unit, and some classic stuff like Devo, The Units, Urinals... The band recorded 6 original songs plus a Crime cover on a primitive 4-track recorder, and now, these seven jams are finally seeing the light of day as a limited cassette tape. Don't miss out on this! Artwork by Igor Hofbauer.

Some other opinions on this tape:

"I really like synth-based punk when it's done well...like COUNT VERTIGO, LOST SOUNDS or some other shit like that. I like stuff that sounds unhinged and punk. Sometimes, synth bands go down a goth path (and I like goth too), but bands tend to lose something when they go down that path and turn into SKINNY PUPPY. MODERN DELUSION manages to sound like a lost Killed By Death style band from 1982..but also pretty modern and urgent. That's all I got. They're good. They're from Croatia. They play a CRIME cover." written by Greg Harvester (Remote Outposts, MRR #375)

"Zagreb's Modern Delusion feature members of Dykemann Family and Black Gust. In contrast to their highly recommended split 7" with Chresus Jist this previously released debut tape sounds a little more catchy and the band's dark, swirling undercurrents are less developed here. "Wasteland" features seven tracks of driving punk-rock with plenty of great melodies. Stylistically, this release channels the spirit of classic punk and post-punk from the late 70s/early 80s and has a strong Devo style synth-punk influence. The musical foundation is built on rough guitars, pounding beats and frantic synthesizer sounds. Modern Delusion play an addictive style of punkrock delivered with rawness and intensity. Highly recommended!" written by Patrick (Ride A Dove)

Less then 10 copies of this tape in the webstore, You might wanna act fest if you want to grab this one. Buy the tape from Doomtown webstore here. If you're living in the USA it might be easier for you to order this one from Sorry State Records.

Beside this tape Doomtown also released MD's split 7" with Chresus Jist. You can listen to split EP here. You can buy split 7" here. If you are living in the USA order your copy from Sorry State or Dirt Cult Records.

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just go over to our bigcartel store. As for the other Doomtown releases we put out, you can check them out on our bandcamp page. Also, there's plenty of new releases on horizon and euro press of Generacion Suicida's Todo Termina is one of them and should be out in the next couple of days. You can already stream/download 12" here.



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