Teenage Lobotomy MIX Vol. 3

And finally, here it is! THE THIRD MIX! This was suposed to be uploaded before new year's eve so we're late but who cares. Lot's of classics on it and both sides are a bit longer then on the previous mixes but i'm sure you won't mind. Enjoy!




  1. Thanks for the great mix!

    I would suggest posting a tracklist for each side, though. As a fan of this blog, I'll just take your word for it and download your mixes, but other readers might miss out. Most people don't really like surprises (especially downloaded surprises!).

    Also, my computer recognized SIDE M fine, but I had to enter all the SIDE L info manually. It's probably just because I'm using stupid-ass Windows Media Player on this computer, but I thought I'd let you know in case some part of some file got left out by mistake.

    Thanks again, dudes.

  2. Not sure how I got here, but whoa, this is exactly what I wanted to find. This is an amazing blog, and I love these mixes. I am super excited to go through the archives here, and check everything out. Awesome!

  3. @anonymous #1

    we usually do post track listings but we weren't sure about this mix cause it has a lot of mainstream stuff on it. and we didn't want to have to remove it or something. :D

    i'm not sure about the track info problem it seems to be working on other computers i downloaded it on.

    @anonymous #2

    thanks! glad you like it. :D


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