Miss Chain and the Broken Heels

Miss Chain and the Broken Heels are a girl fronted power pop band from Italy. They released a few records in the past couple of years and they all rock in just the right way. If you like Nikki and the Corvettes and The Shivvers you have to get this.

Their first 7'' [a four song EP] was out on SONIC JETT and RIJAPOV RECORDS. Nice sounds through and through. Unfortunately [for us who don't have it, not for the band :D] the record is sold out.


Boys and Girls 7'' was out on DREAM ON RECORDS in 2008. The two songs on it are a bit more up beat than the ones on the debut release but are just as awesome. This 7'' is also, sold out.


The last release was the Lie 7'' on SHAKE YOUR ASS RECORDS. This is my favourite record by the band cause the title track is just the best power pop ballad ever [:D], and the b side is just as good. The 7'' is still available so get it from HERE.


Check the bands MYSPACE page for more info on tour dates and merch.


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