State Champion - Stale Champagne [2010]

State Champion are Ryan, Aaron, Mikie, Sabrina and Lindsay and Stale Champange is, for me, the perfect record to start the new year with. Sincere, lo-fi garage-country that rocks from start to finish. It kicks of with "Thanks Given", a song I liked so much it took me forever to get past it to listen to the rest of the record. But it's a good thing I eventualy did, cause the rest is just as great. Songs like "Bite the Dust", "The Years" and especially "The World Don't Need Me Around Much Anymore" make this an instant favourite for 2010.

The record is out on January 26th on SOPHMORE LOUNGE RECORDS so get your copy as soon as possible!

State Champion are playing lots of dates all through january and february so check their MYSPACE page to catch them live.




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