Goodnight Loving - Nothing Conquers Us 7" [2009]

Country influenced, Wisconsin's Goodnight Loving cleverly manage to mix fuzzy power pop tunes with southern americana sounds and outcome of their effort is incredible. Before this new 7 inch record they've released  three full length records and a bunch of singles which are all great and soon i'll post some more stuff from these fellas.

Out on Dirtnap. Get it here.





  1. I love Crooked Lake and the songs on their MySpace page!

    And yes, please post more! Goodnight Loving seems to put out a lot of 7"s and some of us would like to support them but don't have record players! (sorry! I used to have one but it broke and I sold/gave away all my records-- boxes of vinyl are HEAVY when you move a lot)

    Great blog, BTW. You seem to have very decent taste in music, as well as a knack for describing that music concisely, and your descriptions do a good job of letting me know if I'll be interested in something (yeah, it sounds simple, but most blogs are terrible at it).

    I also really appreciate all the links, not just the MF and RS (when you have both), but the record label links and especially the myspace links, so I can check the bands out immediately. Some bands are actually tricky to find on myspace just by searching.

    Glad I found this place. Keep up the good work!