Jay Reatard RIP

Jay passed away yesterday in his sleep at the age of 29. He was one of the most talented, sincere and dedicate artists in last decade. To me and probably to a lot of you guys his music ment much. Jay recorded 22 albums with his bands and projects and all over 100 releases in total and all that in just ten years. I was really into all of his stuff and especially Reatards and Lost Sounds. Watched Lost Sounds somewhere in 2004 and that was one of the most aggressive and dynamic shows i have ever seen. Still can't bealive this is for real. Reatard, you died too young, way too young. Rest in peace man. You will not be forgotten!!!

Here's the official statement from Jays's blog. You can also download unrelased cover of Nirvana's Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle there.



  1. http://electrikcandyland.com/jayreatard/

    A bunch of cool photos from jay's bands.