Biblical Violence - Bib Vio CS [2009]

Lovro's been trashin' in his own room for quiet a while now. Biblical Violence is a vision of a straightXedge dude who describes his music as "BAD BRAINS BEING SUCKED THROUGH A VACUUM". I personally think it's more like a "winged lizard" AKA pterodactyl chasing you and screaming at you (with his high pitched voice) until you're deaf, all yellow & green and frightened to death and all of the terror is caught on tape. Maybe you'll love it, maybe you'll hate it but if you're into it you can get the tape from Skrot Up who released Lovro's vision of acousmatic garage\post-punk.

See what some other guy from Digital Industries thinks of Bib Vio:

"It begins with a jab of bass, drums, and vitriolic hollering. Sound quality ensures the song is little more than a muddy husk. From these unsavory first steps, Croatia’s Biblical Violence soon get downright malevolent. The next piece is rasping and demonic vocal incantations buried under monolithic and impenetrable keyboards. Then comes ramshackle darkwave with a coating of ear and face rending sonics. The tape peaks with rippling pools of bile and depth charged pulse implosions and concludes with a couple breakneck punk clatterings to take it home. For a double A side with only about twelve minutes of music, “Bib Vio” has an impressive amount of variety and the array of sounds all share a pitted, rancid, homicidal core. 8/10"

Also, Skrot Up tapes are available from Tomentosa Records (US), Fan Death (US), Fusetron (US), Bis Auf's Messer (Germany) and Repo Man Records in Copenhagen.

And yeah, Lovro's been doin' some album covers, gig posters and illustrations and you can see some of his works here.




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