Teenage Lobotomy MIX Vol. 2

New month - new mix! Teenage lobotomy MIX vol. 2 is here! The A side (by L) is filled with NOISY, DIRTY garage hits meant to be played LOUD, while the B side (by M) is a compilation of FUN, CATCHY power pop gems to melt your heart in the upcoming cold winter nights!


acid eater - top of spot
rat traps - tennessee rock n roll
a.h. kraken - axe vertical
nice face - beater
fnu ronnies - meat
human eye - rare little creature
final solutions - mental shark attack
the spaceshits - bacon grease
fag cop - skull splits
tv ghost - the nihilist
wolfdowners - tooshie bagel
francis harold & the holograms - glitter girlz
retainers - kill my boss
lamps - rototiller
homostupids - beneath the blackman
monoshock - mexican dentistry


clockcleaner - frogrammer
mean jeans - stoned 2 the bone
beat beat beat - don't tell me now
clorox girls - flowers of evil
marvelous darlings - teenage targets
thomas function - snakes in the grass
ty segall - going down
nodzzz - is she there?
the strange boys - baby please don't go
no age - teenage creeps
angry angles - you call it love
gentleman jesse and his men - the rest of my days
rikk agnew - falling out
wipers - mystery
blank dogs - leaving the light on





  1. Awesome blog. Thanks for share this shit.
    Tracklist please?