Sex Church - Sex Church 7" [2009]

from Weird Canada

"Canada’s modern-psychedelic scene is re-emerging, painted new colours and worshiping new Gods. Gone are the pretenses of 60s pop-lysergia; in its place we gladly fall before false idols and re-hashed idioms. And why not? When it’s done well, we put our minds on a true trip thru hell. Sex Church easily accomplishes this with their mix of doomy, pedantic guitar drones and gothic romanticism; parsing liturgy and psych in a bewildering and addictive way. The songs are long, depressing and mesmerizing; perfect musical beds for basement-evenings in your teenage vortex. And if that all made sense, they throw in a pop-punk ballad for the last minute of Dead End; nothing is ever too easy anymore."

Out on Sweet Rot. Grab your copy here.




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