L's end year lists

So! Here are my lists. M's are gonna be later up cause he's a lazy bastard.


Mean Jeans - Are You Serious?
- perfect. from the first track to the last. favourite album of 2009.

Jacuzzi Boys - No Seasons
- didn't expect much from it but it realy grew on me. :D island avenue is such a great song.

The Mantles - The Mantles
- warm, jangly, paisley underground kind of pop. love on first listen. don't lie is one of my favourite songs this year.

Analena - Inconstantinopolis
- third record by one of Croatia's best groups. emo pop brilliance. :D

Nothing People - Late Night
- my summer soundtrack. such a lazy record. love it. it's not your speakers IS my fav song this year. :D

Loser Life - Friends with a Demon
- raw, energetic and heavy on the emotional side. sad i didn't see them live. bet they kick ass.

Daitro - Y
- yes, i listen to screamo :D. daitro are one of my favourite bands and this is their best album so far.

Social Circkle - City Shock
- got hooked from the first sec. hope to catch them live somewhere.

Night Fever - New Blood
- best show in 2008. hardcore rock n roll in it's best.

The Spits - Vol. IV
- i love the Spits. they make me happy.


white wires - pretty girl
mark sultan - hold on
davila 666 - primero muerta
lover! - no dreams please
condominium - barricade
smart cops - cominciare a vivere
dead ghosts/smith westerns split
mean jeans - licence 2 chill
fy fan - ah nej
love potion - ejeculator


gape attack! - gape attack!
fnu ronnies - golem
dharma - flesh
southside stranglers - demo
blood! - evacuated materials


insuiciety @ TIME
cheap time @ SPUNK
cheveu+tyvek @ ZVUK SOBICE/SPUNK
brat pack @ KSET/KRŠKO
comeback kid+have heart+rise and fall+shipwreck a.d.+defeater @ MOČVARA
the get up kids @ BOLOGNA
municipal waste @ MKC ŽUPANJA
future of the left @ KSET
mutual of omaha+kidcrash+aussitot mort @ MOČVARA
sunn o))) @ &TD
hellshock @ TIME

that's about it. hope you all had a great year!