Deformity - Bug Collection CS (2016)

From the depths of New York City Deformity were born and they played high intensity weirdo raw hardcore at the same time both aggressive and noisy. All mixed up and recorded following the old "all knobs to the right" method. This should appeal to fans of classic noise punk not unlike Confuse, Disorder or Zyanose while at the same time, I can see how someone digging Hank Wood And The Hammerheads could be into this cause of occasional garage punk swagger.

This tape compiles all of their demos (released and unreleased ones), both 7" singles on Toxic State and La Vida Es Un Mus and scrapped LP from 2012. So you get the discography type of thing here.

After the band broke up members went on to form Kaleidoscope, JJ Doll and Ivy (who also call it quits).

This one was released by the band via their label D4MT Labs. Get it here. You can also buy Shards 7" here.



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