V/A "Bughouse I Mixtape" CS (2015)

Pretty killer, diverse and high quality compilation compiled by Not Normal Tapes from Lansing, Illinois. Full release compiles around 40 rare, live, previously unreleased, or alternate takes from the likes of American Hate, Baghead, Boots, the Bug, Christi, Chuckleheads, CHUD, The Coltranes, Common Ignorance, The Floor Above, Fogg, Lech, Leech, Mystic Inane, Negative Scanner, Orden Mundial, Otherized, Primetime, Slugbugs, Tenement, and Youth Sucks. So you basically get everything from the lo-fi raw hardcore punk sounds of Orden Mundial to the more melodic punk of Tenement plus a whole lot of brilliant punk and hardcore that falls somewhere in between.

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