Public Eye - Mood Change Party CS (2016)

Public Eye is what happens when members of PDX’s Autistic Youth switch instruments and decide to start a new band and play something entirely different and that is a stripped down, straight forward and repetitive post-punk.

This tape, even thought is a demo, do not sound like a demo at all. On the contrary, it fucking slays! Public Eye combines powerful and melodic songwriting with laser sharp technical precision, indie rock sensibilities and guitar-driven poppiness of 80's new wave and post-punk.

For fans of early Rought Trade catalogue, Fugazi, Wire, Spacemen 3, Institute, Ceremony, Parquet Courts etc.

Buy the tape from Sabotage Records here.
Listen to new song from upcoming LP here.



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  1. Warum packste bei so Kram den man eh für lau direkt von Bandcamp ziehen kann, eigentlich nie den Bandcamp-Link dazu?