Garbageman - Mad Future Demo CS [2013]

I got this tape in some random trade with folks from Creem when we were setting up Nuclear Spring / Creem show here in Zagreb. And then, I was not aware of the fact that Creem members were also involved in this project. Garbageman play pissed off, energetic and primitive hardcore inspired by early Boston and NYC sound. If "Victim In Pain" and straight edge mean anything to you, you'll dig this cassette.

You can buy last copies of this tape from Doomtown Records. Here's the link for DT Discogs Store.

As we speak of Doomtown Records; I just want to say that Nuclear Spring's European Tour 7" is almost sold out (we have 6 copies left for mailorder). The main idea is that this one will never be repressed so this is probably the last chance to get your hands on their latest effort. You can buy goodies from Doomtown distro from our discogs store or you can get in touch via email. We have plenty of new vinyls, tapes and zines in stock.

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