Warsong - Restitution 7" EP [2013]

Spanish Warsong comes with their third release in a row after their Caravan 12" EP and debut "Ancient Times" and they've never sound catchier than right now.

Here's official press info from No Nostalgia Records who put out Restitution 7":

"Hailing from Zaragoza, Spain, WARSONG delivers a blend concocted from the best ingredients of 80s West Coast punk. They drink amply from the fountain of old Southern California punk and hardcore (think DESCENDENTS and ADOLESCENTS) while also faithfully paying homage to the melancholic and dark melodies of the WIPERS. This band includes members of INSOMNIO, revealing that their approach to punk is also firmly rooted in the Spanish classics such as RIP and ESKORBUTO. The "Restitution" 7", their US debut and third release in total, features 3 instant hits, exuding energy and catchy melody through their signature guitar leads and infectious hooks that will echo unrelentingly in your head long after the record leaves your turntable. Their perceptive lyrics reflect on frustration and alienation, contributing meaningfully to the universality of the punk ethos. The records are hand numbered and on mixed colored vinyl."

If you're living in the USA and want this one you should write to No Nostalgia Records here.

If you're living outside of USA you can buy Restitution 7" from Doomtown Records. Doomtown also put out Caravan 12" and Ancient Times (tape version). You can find all of the Warsong releases in Doomtown webstore: http://livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com



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