Nuclear Spring - Nuclear Spring 12" [2013]

New 12" from NYC based Nuclear Spring. These guys put out one of the best demo tapes I've heard in the last few years (check it out here). On this new 12" they continued with writing abrasive, driving and upbeat high-energy mid-paced punk anthems which sounds like they've been written in dirty British suburbs circa 1977-82 (Ok, I quoted this from press info I've written for their new 7" but that doesn't mean I'm lying). And, as I previous said in the demo tape review; "If name dropping means something to you, think of early Blitz, Partisans and Templars, or some new bands such as Criminal Damage or No Hope For The Kids." Also, some trivia for ya, Nuclear Spring members were/are active in Natural Law, Creem, La Misma, Putrida and Nomos.

This one is sold out but Nuclear Spring also put out 4 new tracks on 7" format. On the new 7" EP, these Brooklyn-based outcasts have also changed their sound a little bit and began to flirt with the 80's UK anarcho style, but still managed to avoid the standard retro death rock/post-punk sound that's trendy at the moment. 7" EP is out on Doomtown Records. If you want to get your hands on the Nuclear Spring's new vinyl see more infos/links on Doomtown Records blog.


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