Divided Minds - Strangers 7" [2014]

Many of you know that I'm involved in Doomtown Records. We put out a bunch of new releases in the last 12 months and I haven't had a time to post 'em here but eventually I will do that. This blog was kinda on hiatus cause I was sick of writing for some long time and other people just quit. As you see, recently, I started to post on the regularly basis and I hope this will not change for a period of some longer time. One of the few releases I put out this year is debut vinyl release from the frantic Zagreb city punk trio Divided Minds. This little fucker delivers four memorable mid-tempo songs of highly energetic and nervous herky-jerky punk rock, sounding like a cross of traditional 77 KBD punk and early 80's melodic hardcore played by the Zero Boys and most Rikk Agnew's bands. The "Strangers" EP is all about good ol' punk riffs, played with passion and blended with perfectly fitting snotty vocals, so if you dig old fashioned punk rock with a modern touch, you definitely need this piece of wax.

Some other opinions on this 7":

"Darkly tuneful punk by this Croatian three piece. There's a little bit of a west coast whiff to the overall sound although a song like "Invitation" sounds almost like a punked-up Warsaw (Joy Division's original name) track. Not gloom 'n doom by any stretch--there's a kick to the songs, especially the closing "Burning Hell." written by Al Quint (Suburban Voice)

"Yeah, Divided Minds plays straightforward post-punk with more of an emphasis on the punk that the post. Sometimes, it feels like the band is playing a little to fast for their skill level, in a way where it feels like everything might fall apart, but that adds to the charm of the whole record. Anyway, it has a dark, but not gloomy sound and sticks to a punchy 16th note-driven attack, not unlike a lower tier Marked Men offshot. It's good. I would go see them in a Decrepit squat." written by Greg Harvester (Maximum Rocknroll #377)

Buy the 7" from Doomtown webstore here. The band also repressed their demo tape for their 3rd european tour with Black Gust and there are very few copies left and added to the store as well as some last copies of Black Gust 7inches.

If you're living in the USA it might be easier for you to order this one from Sorry State Records or Dirt Cult Records.

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just go over to our bigcartel store.  Also, you can purchase our stuff via our discogs store. As for the other Doomtown releases we put out, you can check them out on our bandcamp page. Also, there's plenty of new releases on horizon. More info on that soon.


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