Divided Minds - Demo CS [2013]

Ok, some of you are familiar with the fact that some of us are involved in Doomtown Records. This is one of four new releases we put out in the last 2 months aka; Debut six song tape from this reckless & relatively new punk trio which sounds like cross between 80's melodic hardcore punk mixed with sloppy & raw garage-y punk feel. Think somewhere along the spectrum of sounds situated between Zero Boys and Adolescents with Angry Samoans alike vocal. The band just got back from their european tour with their buddies Black Gust and brought this babies to our headquarters.

For fans of: The Observers, Carbonas, Predator, The Daily Void, Angry Samoans...

Free download (feel free to donate us money cause we are pretty broke all the time.) / Preview on Doomtown Records Bandcamp Page: http://doomtownrecords.bandcamp.com/album/divided-minds-demo-cs

Buy the Divided Minds Tape here: http://livinginadoomtown.bigcartel.com/

Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just go over to our bigcartel store. Also, you can purchase our stuff via our discogs store.

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