Crimen - El Problema Eres Tú [2014]

Due to some fucked up circumstances concerning the pressing plant this release was put on hold for some time and then the band broke up. Unfortunetly, the label dropped the idea of putting this out on vinyl and the band offered their latest album for free download. Crimen is anarcho-punk band hailing from Mexico and are one of the best bands in aping that classic spanish sound (MG-15, IV Reich, RIP). Add some Appendix, Discharge and post-punk to the flavour and mix it up with some psychedelics and that's what Crimen are all about. Take note that this is not some generic type of music and the only band that comes to my mind which plays something similar and psychedelic at the same time (well, kinda) is Una Bestia Inontrolable.

For fans of Destino Final, Rayos X, Vaaska...




  1. incredible band and very nice and honest guys!

  2. hey guysm alex here from crimen, just to clarify that discos enfermos will be releasing the album, not sure when but it will happen :) (hopefully early 2015) and thanks a lot for the kid words! me ad the drummer are working on a new band so you will be hearig from us soon,take care and see you hopefully next year as well! ooh and say hello to kabo! hahaha :D