Wiccans - Teenage Cults 7" [2010] & Skullduggery LP [2011]

Denton, Texas' finest at the moment. Members of various Texan bands (Wax Museums, Minds Spiders, Video, Teenage Cool Kids...) have teamed up and created something pretty unique and refreshing. There's a lot of catchy hooks and melody, which is basically a trademark of the garage punk scene in Denton. However, the Wiccans vocalist seems to be pretty much into tough guy hardcore, so his over-the-top macho Negative Approach\YDI-style yelling is something quite atypical. At first I was confused, but now I can't get enough of this band. Also, the lyrics are covering some occult themes, which is uncommon for this sort of punk rock.

There's a 2nd Wiccans LP titled "Field II" in the works. Should be out soon on both Katorga Works (run by Adam & Colman who are also posting at the ever-amazing icoulddietmorrow blogspot) (USA) and Hardware Rec. (Europe). The new Wiccans songs are incredibly good and you can preview a few gems from "Field II" here. If Fucked Up were not that boring on the last few recordings, they might compete with these Texan crazies. There’s even some Blue Oyster Cult vibe in the “Field II” song, or maybe I’m just to much into BOC lately, so I'm hearing Buck Dharma riffs everywhere? And yeah, I almost forgot, there's also a 2nd Wiccans 7" EP in the works and should be out on Kevin's Pass Judgement Records. Kevin put out their 1st 7", Teenage Cults, and he is doing one of my fav blogs, Fashionable Activism, so thumbs up for Kevin.

Buy Teenage Cults 7" via Pass Judgement Rec.
Buy Skullduggery LP via Katorga Works
Preorder Field II via Hardware Rec. or wait for the USA press on Katorga.

Teenage Cults 7"
Skullduggery LP



  1. The Skullduggery LP has been taken down. :(

    p.s. Your blog is awesome! :D