Santa Banana - Santa Banana LP [2010]

This guys came from Italy and are from the same retro hardcore punk scene as fuck-ups such as La Piovra, Smart Cops, Ban This!, ED and Anti-You. In fact, I think some Ban This!\ED members are playing in SB but I'm not sure. This record is somehow overlooked but it's pretty solid. If you're into 80's classic italian hardcore punk, USHC skate trashers JFA / Faction or surf rock influenced punk you should give it a try. I really like garage-y production and crunchy guitar sound on this one. There's new 7" EP in works and should be out on Don't Need Rec. I had a privilege to hear the new gems and they are all killer no filler. If you like almighty La Piovra (Youth Attack put out their LP out in the States) you'll dig the new Santa Banana stuff.

Buy S\T LP and watch for the new 7" EP here.
All you americans can get your copies via Grave Mistake Records here.