XAXAXA - Tango Revolucioner LP [2011]

XAXAXA hail from Skopje, Macedonia and feature 3 members of a group of post-punk enthusiasts known as Bernays Propaganda, as well as xFxPxOx, the legendary Macedonian hardcore punk thrashers. XAXAXA's agenda is to explore the melodic side of the mid / late 80's Dischord roster, so don't be surprised if they remind you of bands like FUGAZI, RITES OF SPRING and even DAG NASTY. XAXAXA's tunes also have a moody HUSKER DU/WIPERS vibe, so it's safe to say that these guys aren't just another copycat band paying tribute to the Revolution Summer days of DC hardcore. This was out last year on Doomtown Records and you can buy vinyl via Doomtown's Discogs store. For wholesale, trades or whatever write here. Doomtown Records is also a distro, see the goodies in stock on this blog or just scroll through Discogs page.

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  1. This is one on my favorite record of 2011, makes me want to learn macedonian!

  2. Great stuff! Thanks a lot for sharing this... =)