Amoebas - Amoebas LP [2011]

These guys send us their self-released 7" EP months ago, but since we were on some kind of hiatus we never posted the songs here. I remember that I was hooked on the 7'' and I wanted to hear more songs by these Michigan punks... and recently I realized that the Amoebas actually have an LP out. They've re-recorded both songs from the 7" EP and wrote 6 new ones. I really dig this record, it's a perfect mix of 77 style punk rock and Adolescents type of proto-hardcore punk. So if you're into Rikk Agnewish guitar picking and retro punk rock such as The Vicious, Brutal Knights, Regulations, Night Birds or even Jay Reatard's solo stuff, take note of these guys.

Buy the record from Modern Action Records.

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