Night Birds Singles & Demo

Night Birds are my favourite new band featuring Ergs members. Well, i must say Psyched to Die are pretty rad too but NB somehow manage to take the best from the OC hardcore punk (Adolescents, D.I., Agent Orange) and spice that sound with a surf rock touch and maybe with a little bit of early NOFX and some JFA & DK feel. All singles plus demo are total fucking killers. Latest single titled Midnight Movies is not out yet but you can preorder your copy via No Way Records. There's also a limited tape version of Midnight Movies which is probably sold out (try to get the tape directly from the Ergs website here) but is floating arround the interwebs and you can hear it here at this great blog.

Night Birds - Demo (2009)
Night Birds - Selftitled 7" (2010) Buy it here at Grave Mistake Rec.
Night Birds - Killer Waves (2010) This was out on Art of Underground but unfortunately it's all gone.