Confines - Withdrawn 7'' [2010]

Hi, my name is J. and I'm the new guy at Teenage Lobotomy.
M. and L. had a hard time updating this thing regularly, so they called in for reinforcements and here I am! Anyway, I'll start off my career by posting a fine 7'' by Confines.

In short, Confines are a hardcore fuckin' punk band straight outta Massachusetts and this record rules! No wonder, having in mind that members of Confines are or were in other rad bands such as Social Circkle, Cut the Shit and Blank Stare. As for the music, it sounds the way hardcore punk should - raw, ugly and so pissed off it makes you wanna punch holes in the wall. Works for me.

Anyway, go and get this record - that's an order!

Download it here.
Buy it at Side Two or Labor of Love.



  1. Glad to see this blog being updated again. I've discovered more amazing bands here than anywhere else on the interweb. Ill be looking forward to your posts!

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  3. Thanks a lot--I really liked this.