I know we didn't really post that often this year so here's our 2010 top albums lists with download links! It's been a great year with lots of awesome stuff and I hope the next one will be just as good! We promise to post music more often! Enjoy your holidays and have a rockin' new year!


2010 TOP 15

1. Masshysteri - Masshysteri [NY VAG]
2. Autistic Youth - Idle Minds [DIRTNAP]
3. Insubordinates - Insubordinates [COWABUNGA]
4. The Secret Prostitutes - Never mind the K.B.D. this is A.D.D. [BAD HAIR LIFE]
5. Brutal Knights - Blown to Completion [P. TRASH]
6. Crusaders of Love - Never Grow Up [DOUCHEMASTER]
7. Tandoori Knights - Curry up it's the Tandoori Knights [NORTON]
8. Balaclavas - Roman Holiday [DULL KNIFE]
9. Tyvek - Nothing Fits [IN THE RED]
10. Moonhearts - Moonhearts [TIC TAC TOTALLY]
11. Hard-Ons -
Alfalfa Males Once Summer is Done Conform or Die [BOSS TUNEAGE]
12. Nobunny - First Blood [GONER]
13. De Høje Hæle - Skal vi Aldrig Videre [HJERNESPIND]
14. Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows [VICE]
15. White Wires - WWII [DIRTNAP]

*links updated!

There you go! M's list is on it's way!


  1. thanxs,verry verrry thanxxx,i love yourrr f blog

  2. don't want to download




  3. Great list!
    Thanks for the links. You guys are great

  4. going to see pierced arrows tomorrow night! love the new white wires and tyvek records. your blog is rad!!

  5. Thanks for the post!

    Nobunny, Tyvek, Moonhearts, and Balaclavas all seem to have been taken down :(

  6. do you have the past LP of The Steve Adamyk Band ? my HD crashed, and dont re-find it now :/

  7. man, m's list never happened what a bummer

    i actually haven't taken the time to figure out you dudes' specific tastes but...
    im sure it woulda ruled
    (there should be a special column where you do a "teen beat" style profile on each of you with your favorite food and what kind of kissers you are with portraits by whoever did the covers for the mixes that would be the greatest thing)

  8. any chance of getting these re-upped?