Lets Grow - Disease Of Modern Times LP [2007/2009]

Lets Grow exist since 2001. and so far they have a lot of records out on US and European labels. They already toured Europe once and played with bands like Annihilation Time, Vitamin X, Dean Dirg, Out Cold etc. and as we speak they are touring Europe again (see their myspace for exact dates and venues). In those 8 years their music changed a bit, but it was always no bullshit, great sounding and high-energy fast hardcore punk inspired mostly by the 80's US bands.

Both cd and lp version of "Disease of modern times" was out on Refuse Rec. and TrashBastard Rec. I think these first LP presses are sold out but you can definetely get yourself a vinly repress which is out on american label Know Rec. Or, you can always write to above mentioned labels for more details about first vinyl presses and cd's. Also, there is a new split LP record with Jaibo! out on Doomtown Rec. and i'll post some more info on that in my second blog entry.

Lets Grow Myspace